Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting slower

Funny how yesterday was so great and today was so slow.  I had 5 on the schedule today, normally pretty easy b/c I can usually count on 1.5-2 at camp, plus 2.8 on the run home, and I can easily bump that up a little to hit 5.  But camp this morning was less than 1, so even with 3.8 going home, I was short on distance, but worse yet, it was my slowest run home yet.  And there was the tiniest breeze, so I feel like I really should have done better, but oh well, I got some miles in, even if they were slow. 

My new stretches before I get out of bed seem to really help my plantars in the morning.  That's nice.  Not much else to report here.  Hill repeats tomorrow.  Running happy hour tomorrow night right by our house, which makes it highly likely I'll attend.  Ducking out of work tomorrow briefly to shop for supplies for my taper-madness project.  Not that I'll finish it during the taper weeks, but at least I can get started, then use it as a random weekend busy project.

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