Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cutting it Short by Mistake and YTD stats

Small crowd for hill repeats this morning -- just me and David.  But he's one of the best people ever to run with and we settled into a nice relaxed pace and talked about all kinds of stuff -- health, spouses, procreation, running, etc.  We had 6 miles on the schedule with 6-8 repeats.  So we ran the first half of our warm-up loop, which included 1 repeat of the hill, then we cut out the second half of the loop and went straight to the hill to do 6 more repeats, for a total of 7, then headed back to our cars but came up a little short so we decided to be the losers/novices (I was definitely like that when I started) running around the parking lot to finish up the miles. 

Normally I don't care at all about being a bit short or a bit long (so I'd never make up .15 miles in a parking lot), but last year I remember that I hit 827 miles on 8/27, so that's a little gauge for me lately.  I'm going to be short this year in all likelihood (at 767.5 now), it's just a question of how much.  Assuming I skip my Saturday run (as I do almost every week) but get in 1-2 tomorrow, and I only do 4 next Wed. instead of the 5 on the schedule (also common, but the sched is usually 4, not 5), it looks like I'll be at 808.5 on 8/27.  Maybe I'll be around 810, but no real chance of being at 827.  Oh well.  But overall, I think my miles for the month of August will be pretty close to last year's, which at least means I won't add to my deficit for the year -- or if I do, it won't be by more than 5 miles.  I'm currently (not counting August numbers) down by 9.5 and my goal is to beat last year's miles by 15.2, making me currently down almost 25, but I figured I'd make up the 15 in Oct or Dec, which were low miles last year, and I think I could easily make up 15 each month, so as long as my deficit doesn't grow much this month or Sept (or Nov I guess), should be no problem-o.  That will average out to more than 3.5 miles each day all year! 

Anyway, the most interesting part of the run this morning was afterward.  David and I were standing around after our cool-down walk, stretching, talking to other people, and I overheard someone ask him about when he was quitting his job.  I was shocked!  I've run with this guy for years and I didn't know he was doing it.  We've seriously talked about crazy personal stuff but somehow I'd missed this major detail.  Apparenly he just decided for sure about a week ago and told people about it on Sunday, but I run with a group that's 30 seconds per mile slower on Sunday's than David's group, so I was out of the loop.  Anyway, now we have something to celebrate at happy hour tonight!  Such exciting news for him.

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