Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Great run this morning, best in over a month probably.  The run was hot (85* at 5:15 a.m. for the start, 83* close to 6:30 for the finish) and the pace was fast (apparently 8:35ish).  But the humidity was low (under 70%) and the shoes were new!  It seriously felt like I was sailing.  We were aiming for 8 miles (schedule said 7-9) but ended up doing 8.5 because we had to go a little further past the u-turn point to get to water, and then on the way back, Tony and I doubled back for a few minutes b/c we worried Tom would get lost behind us and he'd stopped for a couple minutes.  I think the opening pace was fast b/c we ran with the Rock group again for the first 3 miles.  And Tammi is still out another week with her injury, so it was me running with 8 guys.  And yet somehow, the primary topic of conversation among at least half the group for at least the first 2 miles was last night's Bachelorette finale!  It was so funny.  I know David watches b/c his wife likes the show and he always gets suckered in.  He, like me, was rooting for Roberto, so we were happy.  Tom didn't know what we were talking about, guessed it was some chick flick and then admitted to being into the Twilight movies (not books though).  Too funny!  Anyway, after the Rock guys turned back, it was me, David, Tony, Tom and Read, and it was great -- they're all friendly and talkative, so it just felt easy and effortless.  Have I mentioned lately how friggin' lucky I am to have such a great running group?  There are a couple hills on the way back, and by the time we got to the second one, I realized that I was surprising myself at how well I was keeping up.  It just felt great out there today. 

I was rehashing the run with Adam and he agreed that humidity can be worse for a run than heat.  But I've concluded that for me, the order of evil is as follows:  Sun, Humidity, Heat, Icy, Windy.  If it's dark or overcast, even if it's hot and humid, I seem to do better than if it's bright and sunny but cooler and less humid.  The sun just seems to sap my strength sometimes. 

I also had less foot pain when I woke up this morning, which was nice.  I think wearing the gel inserts in my work shoes might have helped even though I barely walk during the day.  Seriously.  It's less than 15 steps to the water cooler, less than twice that to the restroom or the big and fast printer.  And those are the main places I go.  Sometimes up to see the receptionist a couple times, but that's not far either.  It seems like my heels hurt a bit more right now than they usually do during the day, but still feels good during the run, so I'm still ignoring. 

The other good news is that the pound I lost is gone again.  It came back briefly for the wknd, but it's gone.  There are a few weight loss blogs that I love reading and those have definitely inspired me to keep track of my weight more than I did before, so I usually check it most days but try to write it down on the first day of each month (though I missed July).  Of course the first day of the month was over the weekend when the pound had reappeared, but I was still content to be back at my New Year's Day weight.  Maybe in Sept the pound will really be gone.  Might have to do my October "weigh in" a day early since we leave on 9/30 for the marathon.  OR... I could do it on Monday, 10/4, the day after the marathon -- I'd probably be really low then since I'm sure I'll be dehydrated that morning no many how many gallons of water I drink after the race and on the plane ride home!

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