Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday I unexpectedly ended up with my first (and maybe only) two-a-day for the season!  I was feeling good after my 8.5 yesterday morning and was at work when I got a message from a friend who's just trying to build back up to about 8 miles -- he's at about 1-2 right now.  He kind of knows that I'm something of a miles whore these days, that unless I have other plans, I'll pretty much run any number of miles at any pace with anyone, as long as it's someone to talk to.  His Tues PM run partner had cancelled but he had his gear at work and asked if I wanted to run with him.  So I left work a little early, went home and changed, and then ran south on the trail by my house about a mile to his office.  We then went about 2 miles together at about an 11-ish pace.  Then we walked about a mile together since we were caught up in talking about his dating drama and about our jobs.  We met while studying for the bar through a mutual friend and then ran into each other at a bar a few months later and he recognized me, so we've been friends since.  Anyway, after he u-turned to head back to his office, I ran the rest of the way home. 

I think I have a better understanding now of why I put myself through such a beat-down to get up early.  Running after work when the heat index is 105ish and the actual temp is 100ish is downright miserable.  I felt thirsty after less than a mile.  But I only went about 3.3 miles total, plus the mile of walking, so it was bearable.  But since we have hills tomorrow and Tom and I both have other early morning commitments, our group has decided to start the run at 5 a.m.  But-for last night's experience (and the fact that our whole group is getting up early to accommodate us), I'd maybe be tempted to sleep in a bit and attempt hills on my own in the evening.  No chance of that now!  Plus I'd never be sufficiently motivated to do hills alone in the evening, even if the weather was perfect. 

So this morning I didn't run after camp.  We had enough during camp, including 1 fairly good-paced mile, that I figured I'd take a pass and Joy said she didn't mind. 
I'm thinking of taking Fri and Sat off from exercise for a couple reasons.  First, I've been dying for a break from boot camp.  I feel like just a bit of rest would be good.  Second, we're going to have our Italian houseguest in town and I'd like to be able to stay up late and spend the maximum amount of time hanging out with her.  Third, if I had to pick anywhere to add rest days, the two days right before our first 20-miler might be ideal!  I'll wait and see how I feel on Thurs night and see what we're doing, but if I want the day off, I'm going to take it.  Either way, odds are very high I'll take Sat off since I almost always do and since I know we're going out Fri night. 

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