Friday, July 29, 2016

Solid weeks

So as much as I've been emotionally all over the place lately, I'm happy to say I've been logging some pretty steady running weeks. 

I've switched to going to boot camp only two days per week.  In theory, I'm still doing a run commute one day per week, but since I've been traveling for work so much, that seems to only happen once every few weeks.  I'm doing our "hill loop" (which is 6 miles, with "6" hills (it's really, 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 4C, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6, bonus)) once a week pretty steadily.  And I've been skipping rest days lots of weeks in favor of a short social run (about 4 miles most weeks).  And thus far, I've been holding on pretty well I think.  Rest days will likely return in August when my long runs are 18+ most weeks, but I have felt fine skipping the rest days lately. 

Looking at my mileage for the last few weeks:

6-19:  42.1
6-26:  45.2 (technically it was 60.3, but I switched my long run day for the Fourth, so two long)
7-3:  44.8 (technically it was 29.7, but due to the switch, no long run)
7-10:  45.5
7-17:  48.0

And I think this week is on track for about 52.5.

Things are really ticking along, although my pace is far from where I'd like it to be.  But I'm doing a good job of not focusing on that, just doing the miles and enjoying them.  I guess the good part of work travel is that it tends to boost my mileage, since it's so easy to run in another city instead of doing something similar to boot camp. 

Now I just need to lock in for sure what all these miles are for.  As in, I need to commit to a race.  I'm leaning toward KC, but I've got two Iowa races in consideration as well.  I sadly have given up the idea of Columbus (sorry Meredith), I want to save that race for when I'm feeling faster (if that ever happens again), since it looks like a good one.

One fun thing from my running this week -- I was in Philly (thought it would be mega-crazy due to the DNC, but the only crazy thing was the hotel rates!) and it was 72 when I went running!!!!!  72 degrees!  I was tempted to wear long sleeves, haha.  But yeah, a mile in I remembered that 72 is significantly less miserable than 82, but still plenty warm. 


  1. Great weeks for sure! Nice consistent running ... I know it can also be helpful for me when stuff is going on to be out there running every day to help sort it all out.

    And yeah, 72 is better than 82 but definitely still warm! :)

  2. We had a freak 78 degree morning here and I actually felt chilly.

  3. i've been skipping rest days a lot lately as well, and only because i want to run, run, run! MOAR RUNNING! i'm in training for the South Padre Island Marathon right now, which will be followed up by the SA RNR.

  4. Look at the mileage for those weeks! You know I'm jealous! I'm also inspired that you fit all that in while traveling. That's defintely my weakness. Glad you got to enjoy "cooler" temps in Philly. I've learned to deal with 72, but 75+ is my limit!

  5. Nice mileage! I'm building up again. Oddly, I'm also finding that although I have the rest days built into the schedule I am enjoying a run on many of those days. I do take a rest when needed. It was in the high 50s this morning on my run and it felt amazing after all the humidity we've been experiencing.