Monday, July 18, 2016

Blue laundry

I always hang dry running clothes.  I think I've worn blue everyday since last Friday, with the exception of my race uniform for a 15k (that I did as part of a 16 mile training run), and a few non-blue bottoms.

I want to just move into a little bubble where I don't hear any sad news or angry, hateful views.  I know that's not a solution, but ahhh, a girl can dream.  My heart goes out to Baton Rouge now, where there's already been so much struggle. 


  1. (hate it when I mindlessly hit log out rather than Publish! :( )

    I am sorry for what you are going through and feeling, I am really sorry for all of those people on both sides of the badge that have lost loved ones and family members in recent weeks, my heart breaks as we see some who rather than seeking peaceful redress instead choose to seek vengeance, to meet violence with random misdirected violence. Violence meeting violence will never result in peace, we must work past this ... and do it together.

  2. I know. It's such a sad, sad time. It makes my heart heavy. On the plus side--I think I need to get one of those drying racks. I hang my clothes all over the bathroom on any surface possible, so we can barely walk in it without bumping into my wet clothes.

  3. The news is mentally exhausting. Trying to explain the inexplicable to my son is so difficult. Between the violence and the political nonsense I am at a complete loss of words. I don't engage in conversations because I don't have the heart to argue. I would just like the violence to stop.