Thursday, June 23, 2016


My running commuting has been limited the last several weeks because of mid-week work travel (since I have to travel with my laptop, before and after a work trip are blocked from run commute because I need to get the laptop home or back to work). 

But the last time I had a week where I anticipated multiple run commutes, I filled up my garment bag with several outfits, and I've just been slowly working my way through them.

I wore the last outfit in the bag yesterday, and I looked ridiculous.

Yesterday was my hottest morning commute so far this year (mid-80s and SUNNY, but only about 70% humidity).  I got to work, and went straight to my office.  Followed the routine there -- unlocked my laptop and turned it on on the docking station, filled my water bottle, got out my hair/makeup/shower bag, and then went to get my last remaining outfit.

Ugh.  Thick khakis and a dark cranberry cardigan and sweater tank.  In reality, if it didn't look so out of season, it would have been fine since our office is way colder than I like.  But it definitely looks like a winter outfit.  I'm not even sure why I would have packed it in May. 

Anyway, I went down stairs and showered but I couldn't stop sweating as I dried my hair, even trying to use the cool setting on the hair dryer.  I wish there were a huge fan in the locker room. 

I got dressed in my appropriate-for-a-high-of-75-not-a-low-of-85 outfit, and went back up to my desk.  I decided to shut my door and just work in my sweater tank until I cooled off.  I hate doing that, especially since I have a glass wall so my unprofessional sleeveless look is still visible to anyone who looks, but it felt necessary.  I peeled off the cardigan, which was 100% stuck to me and my sweater tank had massive wet spots on it from my sweat. 

I finally stopped sweating and cooled off, and put my cardigan on and opened the door.  And then worked all day. 

Not until I was getting changed to run back home did I realize I'd worn the cardigan inside-out all day long.  And it has a massive tag in the back. 

So I looked super awesome yesterday.  Seasonally inappropriate attire, worn inside-out. 

I'm in Philly working next week, and again the week of the Fourth.  But the next garment bag will definitely be all summery clothes. 


  1. haha - funny stuff, that happens to all of us at some point!

    My facility was an old Pyrex production plant turned R&D facility over the last 5+ years, and much of the facility infrastructure is really old stuff based on low-cost. So my office area struggles with temperature, and even a setting of 68-70 typically ends up with the temp at 72 and the vents blowing cold air, meaning it is very uncomfortable. But since we are a large experimental and new product 'trial location' (i.e. just out of labs, not ready for production) we are constantly adding and removing equipment ... and since we're a glass and ceramic company mostly, that means loads of heat ups and downs. Fun.

  2. I hate that I can't-stop-sweating thing! Post-run, post-shower, post-breakfast, post-commute, and I'm still too hot.

  3. haha, that's funny...the giant tag part anyway. when you were packing the clothes in your bag you were just probably looking at colors and not the fact that they were technically winter clothes. you probably saw them and thought, oh these will look good together and that was the end of it. and i hate it when i can't stop sweating after a run/hard workout, especially if i've taken a cool water shower. drives me nuts.

  4. This post made me laugh out loud. I am forever wearing the wrong clothing. I just never seem to get it right. I love tank tops, but I agree that they seem unprofessional in most settings. I'm thankful that 90% of my work is done at home. However, many of my patients live in heat controlled apartment buildings kept extremely warm, and in the winter I come out feeling like something is leaking from my arm pits. So gross!