Friday, June 17, 2016


So things have been crazy lately.  I think my flying mileage total for the last week is over 9600 miles.  Yowza. 

It looks like I've got a whole lot of Philly in my immediate future.  No big deal, it's one of my favorite places, largely because of the food and my defense counsel there.

I have found a few wonderful all-vegetarian restaurants, so my solo meals there are actually great.

And since I've been flying in and out of Philly regularly for the last few years, I used to have a pretty good airport routine too. 

Until the last month or so.

The Philly-DFW flights are now going in and out of Terminal B, instead of the usual A3, A5 or A7.  My routine was always to trek to terminal C if I got to the airport early and if we'd had a successful day, and get some fro-yo.  Then go back to right near my gate in Terminal A and either build my own salad at Saladworks, or get a tofu teriyaki burrito from Currito (I vouch only for the Terminal A location, I've tried one other Currito, and it was not as good, but the PHL tofu teriyaki burrito is almost unbeatable in my book). 

Occasionally, I'd even get both, if we hadn't gotten to take a lunch break -- I could always save the rest for lunch the next day since I was flying home.

But for the last month-ish, we've been landing in and taking off from Terminal B.  Which blows.  Sucky food choices there.

Well, this week I got to the airport early enough that I missed the 4:30 flight, but I had a confirmed seat on the 6:00, and plenty of time to get food.  So I went for froyo, then I went back to the old gate for a salad.  Then all the way back to B7 to get on the plane. 

On the flight home, I worked until my laptop battery died, then I got out my salad to eat.  A couple people (two flight attendants, one nearby passenger) commented on how good my salad looked.  It was great.  Love that salad place (though I really wish they had beets available as a topping).  One of the flight attendants (not one who had commented) picked up the empty salad container as we were getting ready to land, and he said he hadn't thought I'd be able to eat the whole thing since it was big.  And I lamented the struggle that has become my (PHL airport) life -- walking all over creation to get my food in light of the terminal change.  He suggested one terminal B place as an alternative, and I shot it down. 

As I was getting off the plane, he was up front (first class flight attendant) and saying goodbye.  He said something like, you and your salad.  I said "move back to terminal A" and he said "not gonna happen."  Dream-killer. 

So alas, my routine either becomes more difficult, or needs to be changed.  Oh well.  If that's my biggest complaint these days, that works.  Maybe I should start some online petition to move the PHL-DFW flights back to the low A gates.  I wonder how many signatures it would take to get that done...

Oh well, off to CLE today -- excited about an awesome weekend with my law school roommate, and then an Akron mediation...


  1. Routines are amazing things ... once we finally get one we're happy with something always seems to come along to mess with it! I hope you can work this one out!

    For me, in 2013 when I was on the project that had me flying back and forth on the Corning Jet (spoiled) every week to Kentucky, I had a great rhythm of going shopping (bought breakfasts and dinners for the week), getting everything set up, my running routes and so on. One week there was a big event at Univ of Kentucky so hotels were scarce so I had to stay at a different place, fridge didn't work and no spare rooms, running in the area was tough (major road) ... totally threw me that week ... but on the upside it was that week I found an amazing trail area that became an every-other-night run spot for the rest of the project!

  2. 9600 miles! Yowza is right! I feel your pain with finding God airport food. I usually ear at Currito if it's at the airport I'm in. Haven't tried Saladworks yet.

  3. i wonder why they moved to the different terminal. i've never even heard of currito. sounds yummy, tho

  4. A restaurant with healthy options should be mandatory at airports and hospitals. Bradley Airport near Hartford has a Fresh City which actually has a vegan menu. It's at least a better option than a side salad from McDonald's. I love routine. Though my life rotates around my husband's ever changing leave time in the morning, and my son's schedule so I've grown accustomed to changing gears on the fly!