Friday, October 9, 2015

Travel oops

I had grand plans of scheduling posts about last year's trip to Nepal, India and Dubai to come up over the next few weeks while we are in Spain, Morocco and Italy, but alas, time got away from me. 

And to further complicate matters, I'm having trouble uploading pictures from my camera to the blog, so my revised idea of sharing just a photo a day is also scrapped. 

What can I say? 

Super excited about the trip.  We are about to leave for the airport because my husband's birthday is while we're gone and I got him what I hope will be a gift he'll love, but it will be enjoyed at the airport beginning in a couple hours. 

Tentative itinerary (we haven't really booked much, planning to wing it again as we did in India):

Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Grenada in Spain,
Then to Algicieras to take a ferry to Tangier.
Then Tangier, Chefchouen, Fez, Marakesh in Morocco.
Then a flight to Lamezia Terme (connecting in Milano).
Then about 6 days in Lamezia seeing my husband's family.
Then a day in Milano, then a flight home.

For the first time ever, I'm going to try to work while on vacation.  I scheduled 3 partial days of work while we're in Lamezia.  Kind of a trial run to see how it works -- if it goes well, maybe when we're back in 2 years, we can extend our trip a week or so without me using vacation.  And then eventually, maybe I can work there for a month, then a few months, then half the year!  That's a ways down the road.  I'm also hoping working partial days will make it less painful to come back to weeks and weeks worth of unread emails. 

Have a great few weeks!  By the time I get back, it should only be another couple weeks until I can run again (already trying to find the positive...). 


  1. I think Wordpress is better/easier for this insta-blogging with pictures than Blogger .. but no matter. Just enjoy your vacation and make sure to share loads of great pictures when you return ... we can be privately jealous while you're gone :)

  2. i'll miss your posts the next few weeks. i hope your trip goes fantastic and that it goes smoothly! i hope your husband loves his present!

  3. You take big adventurous vacations! Have super fun.

  4. I live vicariously through traveling friends. This is an awesome itinerary. They are all places I've never been, but would love to go. I love the idea of working some time away so you can extend your trip.