Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shirt question

What are the rules on wearing this shirt?

I started the race but dropped out halfway through (my half-marathon time registered). 

I fully trained for the race.  I was in the middle of peak week when I fell (I had done my 22 miler, followed by a 9 on Tuesday of that week, had set out for 6-7 the day I fell, had 8 on the schedule for the next day, and an easy 5 on Saturday, then I truly would have been in taper mode). 

When I ran the San Fran marathon in July, the woman I bought the bib from on Craig's List wanted to keep the shirt.  I thought that was weird and a little ... unethical?  That might not be the right word, but it seemed disingenuous.  She knew at least a week before the race that she wouldn't be starting it.  I bought a shirt at the SF marathon expo and I wear it a lot (I like the color), even though my name doesn't show up in the official results. 
The photos don't show this shirt well.  It's almost a forest green colored shirt, with a blue-ish undertone. 
Anyway, what say you?  Can I wear the Lakefront Marathon shirt, even though I DNF'd?  Or should it just be a throw-away? 


  1. I was registered for a marathon where I dropped out at the half way point (finishing the half marathon) yet still had the marathon shirt. I still wear it. Who cares?! It's a shirt. :)

  2. I would wear it. You've endured enough training and suffering to earn it!

  3. Generally my rules for wearing a shirt are to put the largest opening over my head, put my arms through the long (or short) tube-thingies and then stick my head out of the second largest opening.


    Seriously, I think people get too hung up about this stuff. You participated, and therefore you paid for the shirt, so wear it.

  4. Wear it. You've ran enough marathons to not jinx yourself. (If you'd never ran a marathon, I would say without a doubt... DONT WEAR IT. But I'm weird and superstitious like that).

  5. I vote wear it. You did all the training for it, planned to run it, and participated in it as best you could.

  6. Oh, I'd wear it. I spent a good chunk of my childhood in my favorite comfy T from a race I never ran (we were supposed to run it as a family, but plans changed).

  7. you trained your a$$ off for that race and even tho you didn't get to do the full distance, you did participate. i say you can wear it without any ethic qualms!