Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crazy Texas Laws

You hear all the time about those random crazy laws still on the books.  You can't carry a chicken while walking in the roadway after dusk or something.

I just found a fun Texas one.  (Hey, at least I'm not posting about how much I miss that stinkin' baby, right?)

You cannot carry a knife with a blade over 5.5 inches unless you are (1) in your house or (2) inside of or directly en route to your vehicle.

So if your friend drives you to Crate & Barrel and you buy a knife there and ride home in her car?  Illegal.

If you're like us and live within 2 blocks of a Crate & Barrel and buy a chef's knife and walk home?  Illegal. 

If you live downtown and park on the street and were walking into your apartment building while carrying the shopping bag?  Illegal. 

If you get a knife set for Christmas, fly home with it in your checked suitcase, and then take a taxi home from the airport?  Illegal (probably; it would depend whether you could say the taxi was a vehicle under your control). 

Apparently there's no exception if it's in a box, with a receipt, purchased in the last 30 minutes. 

Section 46.02 of the Texas Penal Code. 

One of the things you sometimes hear in discussions about race and policing is how there are these laws that are discriminatorily enforced, how police presence and resources are not evenly distributed over all areas of population, and how, as a result of targeted police presence or enforcement, some people have trouble making it through life without accumulating a conviction of some type.   So far, I think I have bought two sets of knives in my life, both of which sets contained more than one blade over 5.5 inches.  If I had to guess, for the balance of my life on this earth, I could see buying 3 more knives or sets of knives with blades over 5.5 inches.  Odds are high that I would not do so while riding in a friend's car, but if we still live in this house, there's a good chance I'd walk home from Crate & Barrel, which would be the most likely place for me to buy one.  I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that I'm not subjected to any kind of targeted enforcement effort. 


  1. Ha! That is pretty crazy! Makes me wonder what crazy laws PA has (other than the obvious crazy alcohol laws--even Utah doesn't have as strict laws as we do!)

  2. Gotta love these dumb laws! For me it is always interesting to think about what went into making and passing these things ...

    And if it takes your mind off of missing that cute baby, go for it! :)

    Also, I agree that it is interesting to note the manner and frequency of enforcement of things, not just the current racial issues, but Louisiana and homosexual crack-downs a couple of years ago and other weird statutes still on the books (some having been declared unconstitutional!)

    Have a great weekend ... and be on the lookout for anyone wielding a Henkels or similarly threatening weapon of mass food preparation! :)

  3. i think it actually means if you're carrying the knife ready for use as a weapon, not in transporting in still in store packaging or stowed in luggage or whatnot in travel either to a friend's house or long distance.