Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I need in my closet

We have a two bedroom house and as I lived there before we started living together, and because I'm horrible about throwing things away (I'd like to say my style is timeless... and not say my weight fluctuates), I have the master bedroom closet and hubby has the guest room closet.

He keeps a few things in the master closet, and lots of folded things in the dresser in our room, but 99% of the closet and 100% of the dresser in the closet are mine.

There is some open wall space at the back of the closet where I could hang a painting or something.

I'd like to find a print that maybe looks kind of like a chalkboard but has a permanent message on it. 

It would say something like this:

Don't wear a white skirt if you're going to eat anything messy today.

It would be in a fancy and bold font and I'd always notice it.  It wouldn't be like anything else in my closet that I just get used to seeing.  The message would totally sink in every single day.

Or if that's not possible, maybe some kind of audible warning that would attach to any hanger with a white skirt and be activated when I unclip the skirt? 

Or heck, maybe just something that loops over the hanger with a white skirt that is a little sign that reminds me.

Ideally it would be like sitting in an exit row on a plane.  I'd have to verbally agree out loud to the conditions before I could proceed with wearing the skirt.

And it's funny because I feel like so many days of the week, I DON'T actually eat blueberry yogurt. 

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  1. Oh no!!! I take it you got blueberry yogurt all over your white skirt.