Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slowing down

Schedule for this morning was 1 easy, 4 race pace, 1 easy, and I fell behind the group.  Just wasn't feeling it today.  I'm still getting used to running in the cold.  But I've also gained some weight in the last couple weeks, nearly erasing my year-to-date progress.  And not having a time goal for the marathon this weekend makes me feel even more unmotivated.  It's all adding up to some slow runs.  I'm feeling achy and tired and very ready for a break. 

My to-do list for the weekend is growing uncontrollably, particularly since I'm writing off the day on Sunday.  Saturday is some Christmas shopping and hopefully doing all our cards, and then having our neighbors ovver for dinner I hope, and also possibly taking our godchildren to an Italian Club Christmas event.  Then Sunday will be a complete wash.  The marathon in the morning, then cleaning up at home, then out for a celebration pizza and beer lunch with hubby (celebrating his fourth half ever, and hopefully a new PR!), then we're going to see a movie.  Inception, finally.  I think we might be the very last people to see it.  We wanted to see it this summer, but there never seemed to be time.

We're supposed to go see Black Swan (with Natalie Portman and from the director of The Wrestler) tonight, already have our tickets, but I think I'm going out of town for work this afternoon, which will mean no movie.  At my old job, I used to have to travel a lot.  I was on a deposition rotation of Portland, NY and Houston, but mostly Houston.  After I got off that rotation, I got on one that was Madison, Chicago, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Indianapolis.  It really burnt me out.  Hard to have much of a life when you're gone so much.  I know some people thrive on it, but it didn't work for me.  I love to travel, and I'm okay with mixing some work into travel, but I don't like it much if there's lots of work and I'm not with my husband. 

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