Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The end is near

It's been a couple busy days at work, all-day mediation (fruitless) yesterday.  Had a nice run yesterday but actually had to make a pit-stop at a porta-potty along the way -- perhaps my first mid-run stop of the year?  It was in a very convenient place so I was able to cut under a bridge and catch back up with the guys a minute or two later.  There were some very interesting conversations, made me really miss Tami -- running with all guys is sometimes just too crude.  But I was a bit disappointed to hear what our overall pace was, since it had felt so much faster.

Today I went to camp (with hubby, celebrating USMC's 235th!) and then ran home with Joy.  We realized the end is near.  Only two more Wednesday post-camp runs together this year probably! 

I've almost committed to running the full marathon here on Dec. 5.  I've decided I'm going to do the 20 mile race at the Fort Worth Marathon on Sunday.  Not racing, just running (guaranteed PR!).  And assuming that is okay, I'll sign up for the full on Monday. 

But that means Joy and I will run next Wed., and then I'll do a half next weekend, then we'll take off the following Wed. to be ready for the big 8 mile Thanksgiving race here, then we'll do the following Wed., then it will be time for White Rock! 

This year is really slipping by quickly.  I need to get a few more Xmas gifts (still waiting on lists from some people).  I'm getting excited about the holidays coming up.  We're going to have my cousin and his family over on Thanksgiving, so I'm starting to do some menu-planning and hope to make most the decisions this weekend.  Then the next day we can put up the tree -- we put our tree up right after Thanksgiving since we go home for Xmas (and I go EARLY), we don't really get to enjoy the tree for that long.  When I lived alone, I used to always spend the first night with the tree up sleeping on the couch.  I love looking at the lights so much. 

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