Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living in Calabria?

Woke up at 2:50 this morning to use the restroom (couldn't limit myself to 16 oz of water after 6 p.m., which is usually my goal).  Flushed the toilet and could tell something wasn't normal.  It was too quiet.  Went to the sink and no water. 

They've been doing some street work on our block and our street was down to one lane last night when I came home from work, so I guessed that was the problem.

I woke up my husband to ask what he thought we should do.  His first thought:  it's like we're living in Calabria! 

When we go visit his family in Southern Italy, there is no water during certain hours at night.  I think it's from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. There is a bucket of water if you need it for anything, but no running water.  It's so bizarre.  We'd like to move there some day but life will be full of adjustments like that. 

Hubby's father's friend moved back to Calabria after he retired and then moved back to the US a few months later because he was so frustrated he'd not been able to get his phone set up in Italy yet.  He ended up staying in the US the rest of his life.  Sometimes I wonder if we'd be able to handle things like that.  As I've said before, I'm not very patient.  But I read a few blogs of Americans living in Calabria, usually Bleeding Espresso and My Bella Vita, and no one seems to think those difficulties outweigh the benefits.  But obviously those blogs just represent the people who stay in Calabria and don't reflect someone who might have moved there intending to stay but was dissuaded.  Anyway, last night was my little taste of life in Calabria.  As hubby and I were trying to go back to sleep, we heard a strange noise and then heard the toilet tank refilling.  Water was back on, so no excuse not to run (alarm was set for 4:52 and I was thinking maybe I'd skip the run if I wasn't going to be able to shower when I got back home).  But there went that excuse...

This morning we had mile repeats at the track.  It was cold but not as cold as I thought.  I think it was low 40s, maybe upper 30s with wind chill, I wore capris (which I hate wearing in general, seriously, who makes pants that cut off at the widest part of your lower leg?) and a heavier long sleeve shirt, plus gloves and an ear-band.  I was definitely overdressed.  Took off the ear-band before I finished the warm-up, and would have been more comfortable in shorts.  It's just so hard when you see numbers on the computer or tv, or even step outside, when your prior stop was a warm and cozy bed! 

I ran with David and Craig and we ran fairly easy.  First repeat was slower than I expected.  Second one 2 seconds slower than the first.  Third one was 5 seconds slower than the first.  Ugh!  But then the fourth one was solid -- 14 seconds faster than the first.  Love the negative split, even if it's on repeats!

Hubby has his last long run today (11 miles) before the White Rock half.  I checked White Rock full prices and the next price increase isn't until the day after Thanksgiving, so I may defer my decision until then.  That's probably a good idea since I seem to be having a bit of pain behind my left knee (biceps femoris in all likelihood) and the Turkey Trot 8 miles (hopefully at a hard pace) will be a good gauge.

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  1. FWIW I'm an American who has lived in a medieval village in Calabria for seven years and we have running water 24/7, and I had my phone and Internet set up within two weeks :)

    Still, IMHO, if you don't have a lot of patience, in Calabria you'll either learn to have it or leave frustrated.

    Best of luck with your running!