Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Marathon!

It's official, I registered to run White Rock next weekend!  Ugh.  What am I thinking?  After this one, no more until Boston 2011 though.  No way I am going to do New Orleans, which had been in the back of my mind. 

Since my Turkey Trot 8 mile race went so well, I think I'll be fine to do a full.  And I could use 2600 calories of leeway for the next week!  I registered yesterday b/c there was no leg pain after the Turkey Trot, but of course this morning on an easy 9-10, it hurt again.  Oh well, at least I'm not doing it for time. 

Not sure what my goal is going to be.  Certainly to drink all beer that is offered to me along the course.  Possibly to run very easy through 20 and then run hard the last 10k?  Maybe try to find a friend who's going for a reasonable PR, like breaking 4 hours or 4:20 or something?  Or just run at whatever pace feels good?  Will have to talk to some friends this week and see what others are thinking. 

Also running on Sunday, my sweet husband is doing the half!  It is going to be his fourth half and he is going for a PR.  And of course Stephanie, of 50 states fame, is running what I believe is her first Rock.  Hopefully my weekday buddy David will run with me.  He also just qualified for Boston, running a 3:18 I think in St. George.  Joy is definitely doing it, but she's going to be fast too, so we won't get to run together.  She's going for a BQ I think.  And Grant, another boot camp bud, is undertaking the Rock for the second time and is probably going to run strong. 

Wow.  Part of me was thinking maybe 2010 would be a single marathon year.  I can't remember the last time I only did a single fall marathon.  Maybe 2005 after I was injured right before running NY?  Then 2006 was zero marathons for me, just snuggling up and packing on the pounds with my husband, we'd just moved in together.  07 was a couple, 08 was a couple, 09 was maybe three? 

2011 I think is probably going to be Boston in the spring, then maybe Steamtown in the fall?  Then maybe I'll do White Sands and Beijing in 2012, then I'll switch back to only doing fall marathons.


  1. Wow - amazing! I just started running about a year ago and am currently registered for my very first half-marathon in January (the Rock & Roll in Phoenix). Sounds like you've been running forever & do marathons all the time :) How did you get into running initially?

  2. I started with a walk-run program called Galloway (long before Couch-to-5k existed, but same principle). By my second year of Galloway, I was able to take one walk break per mile during the marathon and kept up a pretty good pace. But I got injured that year and took a year off after that marathon, then I moved into a straight running program. Got slightly faster but then started some major cross training and speed work and my times improved markedly as I was in much better shape. Thanks for the comment!