Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Racing Hours, Statistics Fun

If you've ever been to athlinks, you know it's a website that compiles race results.  I've never registered with them, so a few races are missing under my name, several have an incorrect age, and there are a few results that don't belong to me, but that's beside the point.  One of the guys I run with during the week emailed the link to me and commented that I've been running for a long time.

Just for kicks, I decided to tally up my race results from my spreadsheet (I've kept a racing log (separate from my training logs) since very early on).  Since I started running, I have spent 142 hours and 41 minutes racing.  Admittedly, several races were run for fun (I think about a 5k with a co-worker's daughter once, a first post-baby 5k with another friend, etc.).  But that's still 142 hours where I've been running on a race clock.  Wow!  And that doesn't include one of my very first races, a 3.5 mile corporate race challenge where I didn't keep track of time.  But I could safely say I'm over 143.25 hours. 

And I have run 97 races -- 97 times I've paid some kind of entry fee, pinned a bib to my shirt, and toed the line.  Just over 894 miles raced (again, counting races where I was running just for fun, and this time counting the 3.5 mile no-time-recorded race).  894 miles!!  That means I could have run all the way from Dallas to Milwaukee, and then some! 

Perhaps the coolest thing about all these statistics -- I just realized that this weekend's race will be no. 98, next weekend will be no. 99, and my 100th race will be on Thanksgiving -- at the same race that was my first about 7 years ago! 

Kind of makes me feel old... but happy all the same!

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