Saturday, November 13, 2010

Impatient Dreams

I think one of my biggest character flaws is my lack of patience.  I try to tell my husband to think of it as an attribute because it's one of the primary reasons I don't want kids -- I don't think I'd be a good parent.  But now for two nights in a row, I've been frustrated and impatient in my dreams.

Thursday night I dreamt hubby and I were at the opera with another couple.  It was before the show and we were all going to meet there to get the tickets and go to our seats.  There was a bank in the lobby and I decided I'd get a money order I needed while I was waiting.  Though of course in real life I can't remember the last time I got a money order, certainly not within the last 5 years, no idea where this came from.  Anyway, I waited and asked if I could pay with my credit card (in real life and in my dreams I don't usually have much cash on me).  They said no, so I gave them a $20.  They said there was a $2 fee, so the money order would be for $18.  That was fine.  But I waited and waited, then someone else working at the bank told me that it was going to take 24 hours to get the money order.  I was really irritated and I couldn't wait that long.  I thought they should have told me that up front.  So I said I wanted my money back.  They wadded up the money order and gave me $15.xx back, because there were more fees.  I was really mad and said I wanted my whole $20 back.  I was arguing with people at the bank when I woke up.

Last night I dreamt that I had taken my car in to have the state inspection.  They told me it would take about 30 minutes, so somehow I went to work (I don't remember how I got there or how I got back to the car place).  Anyway, I got back there 45 minutes later and it was like they hadn't started the inspection on my car.  I was so mad and I was in a hurry to get back to work.  I was arguing with people in the store about why it was taking so long and what the problem was with them or my car when I woke up. 

What does all that mean?  I know I'm impatient.  But I'm not very stressed about anything.  My car was inspected a couple months ago and won't need it again until next year. 

Maybe I need to focus more on being patient.  Sigh, count to ten.  I really don't feel like I've been particularly impatient lately though.  Maybe they're just random meaningless dreams. 

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