Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plan B

We're officially plan A for childcare for a few more hours.  My cousin and his wife live several hours away in Oklahoma City.  She is very pregnant -- 37 weeks and some days -- and the baby is okay in utero, but will need medical attention when he's born and there aren't sufficient resources to treat him in OKC.  So they were left with the options of having the baby there and then being life-flighted to Dallas, or coming here early to have the baby.  They opted for the latter and yesterday she started feeling badly and is ready to go according to her doc, so they came down last night.  Her mom is flying into Dallas today, but if she has the baby before her mom gets here, we are responsible for the three other children.  Scary for us!  Our house is anything but kid-friendly, especially since the oldest of the 3 is in first grade and we live in a 3-story house with stairs, glass tables, outlets, etc. everywhere. 

I'm sure we could handle the responsibility for a day, especially if we could borrow their car with carseats, because then maybe we could take them to a park or something.  But it will be a big sigh of relief when their grandmother gets here so we're moved to plan B. 

I'm volunteering tonight at the running store to help with packet pick-up for the half this weekend, then we have our Italian conversation group, then I'm hoping we can go visit my cousin and his wife at their hotel (or the hospital). 

I'm excited about getting to spend more time with them in the next few weeks.  My husband has never met them -- he was supposed to come to their wedding in Oregon with me in August 2006, but his grandmother in Pittsburgh died a few days before the wedding and her funeral was on the day of their wedding, so there was just no way he could be on both coasts for both events, so we parted ways.  And then with all their kids, they weren't able to come to Italy for our wedding, so he's actually never met them.  So assuming she can hold off on going into labor for a couple more weeks, it will be great to get to spend time with them (and even if she doesn't, as much as we hate hospitals, it will be fun to see them there too). 

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