Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Wednesday Run

Logged a few miles after camp this morning for my last post-camp run of the year, at least officially.  Our neighbors get home tonight, and she likes to walk, so I might walk or run to meet her and then walk home with her, but it's 100% up to me now.  No more schedule telling me I need the miles. 

But the schedule is still in effect this week.  I logged about 3.4 today, so if I can do another 2.5 sometime in the next few days, then I will hit 1300 miles at the end of the marathon on Sunday.  Wow! 

The left knee pain is creeping up my leg and is now fairly clearly that same tight hamstring/groin/glut area that bothered me before.  But I think it will get better when I take some recovery time after this weekend. 

Weather for Sunday looks okay.  According to NBC this morning, low 46, high 58.  Should decide what to wear soon. 

So much to do in the next couple weekends since I'm going home Dec. 18.  At least one day of baking.  At least one day and a few nights of cards.  At least one more day of shopping (but the remaining list seems quite manageable).  And then at least one day and a few nights of wrapping.  I'm excited about all of it!  Then I'll have a ton of wrapping to do when I get home, since I've shipped all my online purchases there. 


  1. Good luck on Sunday, i'll be thinking of you and looking forward to a full race report next week! Enjoy some much deserved recovery time when it's over :)

  2. Good luck this weekend! Are you doing your rolling and stretching to keep that leg limber?