Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby and Half with pics

As I mentioned, the baby is here.  For an unrelated reason a couple weeks ago, my husband and I looked up the difference between a first cousin once removed and a second cousin, and now that we've got that down, I know the baby is my first cousin once removed.  Anyway, they took him off the ventilator yesterday and he's now breathing on his own.  He still has a feeding tube and a bunch of sensors, but at least he's breathing well!  And his mom is doing really well too. 

Last night when I was in the room and his mom and I were looking at him and holding his hands, he actually stopped breathing, but that happens.  A bunch of alarms went off but she kind of tickled his feet and he started again.  Today is the big meeting with the whole medical team and we'll get a lot more info.  They are going to stop a medicine and see what happens with some blood flow around his aorta.  If it's as hoped/expected, then maybe the surgery will be on Wed b/c what they'll do with the aorta will be more minor.  But if it's as originally thought, the surgery will be more complicated because they'll have to stop his heart for about half an hour to work on it, and then the surgery may be delayed until early next week.

It seems like the doctors are great and there's so much prayer support for my them, it's wonderful.  And my cousin's wife already looks insanely wonderful!  I was showing baby pics to my co-workers this morning and one of them asked where the mother was, I said, that's her, standing by his little case, and they were shocked. 

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day.  I ran a very, very small half marathon in the morning.  Very cheap and the medals are small and not fancy, and there's no shirt, but for that price, seems completely fair.  I was running with a friend for 4 miles, but then she wasn't feeling great and insisted that I go without her.  I felt pretty good through the u-turn and then tried to pick up the pace a bit.  I succeeded for miles 8, 9 and 10, but I was barely moving in mile 11 for some reason.  It was really windy, so maybe that affected my pace.  But I managed to have a strong last mile and passed a bunch of people, which was kind of fun.  My friend finished less than 5 minutes behind me and we hung out for a while, then went out for brunch. 

Then I spent the afternoon cooking and shopping, then went to the NICU to visit!

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