Monday, November 1, 2010


We didn't do much running at camp today, which was fine with me.  I'm not exactly sure what my running schedule is this week to be ready for the half on Sunday, but fewer miles are probably better. 

Lots of women use 5 pound weights at camp, but officially women are supposed to use 8s (which I do).  Joy uses 10s and I'm in awe.  And sometimes I think maybe I should make the leap as well.  But then we have a day like today, where we actually use the weights a lot and work our arms.  And these women with the 5s are kicking my butt all over!  It was a beating, but I survived.  I just wish I could bring 5 or 6 pound weights with me as well, but then I'm lugging more than 25 pounds of weights with me, which just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

We had a really good weekend.  Fun wedding and then had a great time last night trick-or-treating with my godson and his sister and their mom.  Our hubbies stayed at their house and watched the baseball game (Rangers lost again, looking like there's not much chance, but good they made it this far) and passed out candy. 

We got home and the kids tore into their candy.  I got hooked on those Now&Later soft taffy pieces.  I probably ate about 15 pieces -- enough that my jaw and teeth actually hurt this morning!  I also had some chocolate, and cosmos, but I was more into the fruity candy (and drinks). 

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