Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans

Baby Jack's surgery is today (started at 7:15 this morning), so in all likelihood we will now only have 6 people joining us for Thanksgiving since my cousin thinks his wife will want to stay with him during his recovery.  More for my own benefit, here's my list of what we're making and when:

Meat -- husband handling, picking up something already cooked I think
Gravy -- heating mushroom organic gravy that we bought
Mashed potatoes -- after the run, we'll be peeling potatoes and this will take a while but can be kept warm
Sweet potato souffle -- new recipe, requested by cousin's family, not sure how long it will take, second priority after the run
Green Bean Casserole -- simple recipe, all from cans (ugh), but easy enough and quick
Corn Casserole -- new recipe to me, something cousin's family has made before, seems easy
Rolls -- from a can (ugh), but quick and easy
Stuffing -- probably pretty easy after I finish all the chopping
Squash and peas -- fairly easy, just takes a while to roast the squash, need to find good serving platter for this
Cranberry sauce -- canned and just the way I like it, sadly enough
Olives -- only have one kind so far, will get the others tomorrow
Dessert -- cousin is handling I think, pecan pie and pumpkin pie maybe?  Not sure.  Have a great recipe that my mom makes fairly regularly, but I think we'll skip it this year, but need to confirm they're still doing dessert given that the surgery is now set. 
Drinks -- red, white, and making some kind of a juice/selzer cocktail (or sparkling cider) for the kids

Sounds like it will all be easy.  Just need to focus on getting the leaf in the table, getting the table and chairs moved and set-up, setting the table, and making sure I pick out all the serving dishes (and maybe even planning pots and pans a bit).

I think I'll probably regret going the simple route, since I really enjoy cooking and generally enjoy eating something not ready-made, but with the surgery and everything this year, simple it is.  Next year I'll go back to something more ambitious.

UPDATE (3:30):  Baby Jack is out of surgery!  They had to patch his aorta and put a band on the pulmonary artery, but he's doing well.  He was taken off the bypass machine and his heart is beating on its own.  He's still on a breathing machine and will be sedated for the next day or two.  This guy has had quite the crazy time in the 4.5 days he's been alive! 

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