Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toenail Going, Going...

So distance runners understand that toenails come and go, but I've been incredibly blessed in 2010.  My big toenails each seemed to have a small crack in the top at the beginning of this year, but that's gone now.  And I managed not to lose any toenails after 3 fall marathons last year. 

I followed my MTCM training plan and cranked up the mileage.  I did my one really long run (about 22), and my toes were looking good.  10 of 10.  Then I ran a hard (for me) 5k and got a PR, but at the apparent cost of half a toenail.  Middle toe on right foot. 

I didn't get it -- how could I pound out 22 miles with no ill effects, but then get that trademark blue-black color under part of one after just a 5k? 

But it was only half that toe, which was strange for me.  But I just ignored, it didn't hurt or anything.  Well, that toenail held on through the marathon and didn't seem to change at all. Still a little blue-ish under half of it, but toenail itself seemed okay.  Bizarre.  That 5k was in mid-September (157.4 miles total that month), and then it was intact and unchanged through all of October (133.9 miles), and more than a week into November. 

Then last week I wore heels for a mediation and they were fairly uncomfortable.  By the next day, the entire toenail had turned black, and now it seems inevitable that it will go completely one of these days.  Oh well.  I've never had particularly pretty feet or anything, and as long as it doesn't hurt, I don't really care.

So there's still no baby for my cousin and his wife (she had contractions last night about 6 minutes apart for about an hour, but they stopped, her official due date is Sunday).  He came to camp with us this morning as a guest, and then hubby went to work and he and I ran home, with Joy for half of it.  Having him there this morning for the workouts was a good influence.  Both hubby and I seemed to be working extra-hard at camp, and the mile times we logged with Joy and after she u-turned were 30-60 seconds faster than last week, but the effort felt roughtly equal. 

Logged my miles today and I've officially topped 1200 miles for the year!  That means I'm likely to hit my NY Resolution of 1300 fairly easily.  If I can run 18 miles per week for each week this year except when I'm home for Christmas, I'll do it.  Actually, if I had to predict, I would guess my odometer will roll over 1300 during the White Rock Marathon on Dec. 5.  Which I still haven't committed to doing, but am probably going to sign up for in the next week or so.  Then any and all running I do after that will be gravy! 

That will mean I've met both my running resolutions for the year (marathon under 3:50 and 1300 miles).  Wow.  But I can't say that for sure until I get there, who knows what will happen in the next 91 miles?! 

As for the two semi-related ones, weight loss and posture, it seemed like I'd almost lost my goal number of pounds as of a few days ago, but now I'm up a couple pounds again.  I didn't set a big weight loss goal because I knew I was going to focus primarily on running.  So it will be kind of a bummer if I end up where I am now, or worse yet, get even closer back to where I was 1/1/10.  We'll see I guess... 

As for posture, what a crappy resolution.  It's impossible to measure!  Like if I sit straight up at work for an hour each day, I still haven't met it.  It's a vague standard and hard to regularly improve for me.  I forget it's a resolution all the time.  But one sub-part in my mind was to stop crossing my legs.  I've gotten pretty good about that, though that creepy vein behind my left knee is still there -- not any darker or lighter or longer or shorter.  Hopefully I've nipped it in the bud. 

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