Friday, October 29, 2010


Boston, baby, Boston!  I stayed awake much later than usual yesterday.  I left work early because I was volunteering to help with packet pick-up for a race from 5-7 last night.  From there, I went straight to my Italian conversation group, which was fun.  Then I hung out at the bar and watched some of the Rangers game, but try as I might, I just don't care enough anymore (far cry from the girl who used to fly to watch spring training most years in Ariz or Florida!).  It of course didn't help that they were losing!  Anyway, I got home and ate some cheese and veggie buffalo wings.  All this at way past my normal bedtime. 

But since hubby is out of town, I was thinking about sleeping in and skipping boot camp this morning.  I checked my email and then couldn't get back to sleep.  I saw a message with the subject "Boston Marathon Entry Confirmation‏."  I opened it, and read this:
This is to notify you that your entry into the 115th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, 2011 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate. ...
We look forward to seeing you in April! Best of luck in your training!

Boston Athletic Association

Woo-hoo!  That means they finally confirmed my MTCM time and I'm in.  There were some general instructions about packet pick-up, tourist info, etc., but all I cared about was the link to Boston entrants.  Searched for my name and there it was! 
So tomorrow is our big trip-planning day.  It is sounding like my in-laws aren't likely to join us for the trip, which is a bummer.  My father-in-law would really like to go, but my mother-in-law has some trouble moving around, so she doesn't want to go, and they don't want him to go and her to stay.  I'm going to keep hoping that it will work out, but of course it's fine if it's just the two of us.  Either way, now that I know I'm confirmed for Boston, we can plan away!  I think whether we do any kind of extra stop in someplace like Paris or Como will depend on flights and where we end up with a stop (since of course there aren't any workable direct flights into Lamezia, which is our destination). 
Anyway, after that email, I was pretty jazzed up.  And lonely.  Both of those combined to make for some trouble falling asleep, which is so rare for me.  Usually I can fall asleep within about 4-5 minutes any where at any time.  Seriously, after a 5k if there was a bed and a blanket and it was somewhat dark and quiet, I could lay down and fall asleep.  It's like I'm permanently tired.  But last night I was awake and just thinking about how much I needed to fall asleep! 
But the alarm went off at 5 and I got up for boot camp.  I considered going back to sleep, but figured it would be fun to work out with Joy.  It was really cold this morning -- upper 40s, which is unusual -- so camp was pretty sparsely attended.  If I had known we were just going to do the PT test, I probably would have slept in.  But I did it and did pretty well, a little lower on sit-ups than last time, but still solid.  My 2 mile run was great.  Second mile was only about 4 seconds slower than the first, and I knew the first had been faster than I needed, so I was fine with the slow-down, but surprised it wasn't substantially more!  But probably not a pace I could have sustained for a third mile, though it might have been interesting to try.  The weather was just so cool and nice!  Felt good to run fast.  It was just my ears and hands that were cold.  Oh, I'm not ready for winter!


  1. haha I just came over to see how the Boston wait was going... I guess well!!!!! Aw now I'm all alone on the "non confirmed boat" :(

    Dallas I should go for a pretty decent time (baring its good conditions and I feel ok)... probably a 3:20-something? I'm not good at all at predicting my runs, but that's what I'll be shooting for! We can absolutely meet up for the expo/lunch/dinner/anything. I get in Sat afternoon and I leave Mon morning I believe. We'll talk as we get closer. I'm going to add you to the list of runners under "upcoming races!"

    Oooh where? Eek I'll have to check. My mom (another maniac) is going to that race and I think SHE booked the hotel for that trip. I'll check with her and get back to you.

    Congrats on Boston!!!!