Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh my... the nerves...

Chilling in the hotel room.  Friends who ran St. George today have posted crazy good times.  The two times I know both qualified -- David with 3:18 and Beth with 3:33.  Wow!  I hope to make it a hat trick!  But good grief, I'm not going for times like them! 

I avoided most of the horse show this morning.  I was in the arena for about 5 mins and my allergies were killing me.  So I went outside and made a few phone calls -- returned one good luck call from my local bestie and called my 2 friends running Wineglass tomorrow to say good luck to them.  Then hubby called me when my uncle's horse was showing, so I got back in and watched that.  It was pretty impossible for any of us in the audience to tell which horse did the best, but he ended up winning!  We all got to go onto the .... ring?  field? whatever it's called with dirt where the horses run around inside, and pose with the horse and my uncle for the winner's photo.  Then we all went to lunch and then we drove the last 7 miles of the course with Zach and Lawren.

There is an UGLY hill between 21 and 22.  Then 22 to 23 is a gradual but steady up.  My goal is going to be to hang with the 5 min fast pace group until that hill and then we'll see from there.  There's also an insanely ugly hill just after mile 2, but we never had a chance to drive that, and who cares at mile 2 anyway...

But there's a beautiful downhill finish, and the rest of the course is pretty fabulous too -- beautiful leaves turning colors.  Very, very, very nervous but also quite excited. 

Gear is laid out on the room's coffee table, but still need to actually put it together -- bib on shirt, chip on shoe, etc.  Doing that as soon as I check in a couple blogs, then we'll head downstairs for another pasta feed (after I ate a HUGE plate of it for lunch). 

Final stats through today (again counting the 3d of July as the 4th), just to reassure myself:

0-30 miles:  2 weeks
30.1-35 miles:  7 weeks
35.1-40 miles:  4 weeks
40.1-45 miles:  5 weeks
45.1-50 miles:  1 week

Next post will be interesting! 

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