Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Gain (real or perceived) = Chafing, d'uh...

Well, as expected, this week has been a long string of the unhealthiest eating of the year for me.  And my stomach is not loving me.  Nor are my thighs.  Let's recap:

1.  Two weeks and one day ago:  run 26.2 miles at a good clip and eat pizza, fries and nachos (and drink beer) as replenishment lunch

2.  Week following marathon:  fairly healthy, normal eating, slightly larger portions and more emphasis on carbs, as recommended by most recovery plans.  Only craziness was last week Fri, which was donut day at work, meaning about 4 donuts over the course of the day...

3.  This past week (lunches during the week were normal):
  • Tues = lots of wine, lots of cheese, 3/4 of a pizza, basket of bread as marathon celebration dinner
  • Wed = goat cheese-stuffed peppers, bread, aioli, grilled veggies, followed by about 1-2 pieces of flourless chocolate cake for husband's bday
  • Thurs = fairly normal dinner (think it was a lavash wrap with cannellini-garlic dip, spinach and artichokes)
  • Fri = 5 course Italian dinner with folks
  • Sat before 3:00 = normal breakfast, then fried lemonade (1/3), fried margarita (2/3), fried butter (1/2), fries (whole order), boiled corn on cob (1/2), and fried beer (1/2), beers (2) at Texas State Fair.  All was good, but the fried beer was disgusting and the fried butter is possibly one of my favorite foods ever.
  • Sat between 3 and 6:30 = carrot sticks, strawberries, chips, 1 beer, large piece of sheet cake, 3-4 scoops of ice cream at godson's second bday party
  • Sat night = 1/2 bottle of wine, huge veggie sandwich and block of smoked gouda cheese with crackers (not shared with anyone!)
  • Sun pre-/post-run = 2 granola bars, 1 instant oatmeal (and 1 bag powergels during run)
  • Sun lunch = 2 baskets of chips with guac, 3 bean soft tacos with avocado and cheese, side of rice and 1/2 side of black beans
  • Sun night = chips and guac, about 6-8 cream cheese jalapeno poppers, black and red bean pie (beans with cheese over polenta), broccoli puree (broc, half and half, whole milk, cheese), jicama and orange salad, and then this insanely delicious cake served with an insanely delicious caramel sauce
Photo of the fried butter:

So in short, I think I've eaten about 2 weeks' worth of average calorie consumption in one week.  And I feel it.  Especially all the fried stuff from the fair, my stomach is really upset.  But as of Fri or Sat morning, last time I weighed, no change whatsoever.  But it's probably going to show up in a couple days, but that won't bother me much, still in my typical range assuming it's just a few pounds. 

But Sunday morning I got up to run and definitely felt bad.  Not good fuel for a run to eat primarily fried things and then a lot of ice cream/dairy.  I got dressed and put body glide around my sports bra, which I always do if I'm going more than about 8 miles, and I didn't bother to put it anywhere else.  I'm very careful if I'm going about 16 or more miles, but I expected Sunday to be 12-14 miles, so I didn't worry much about doing my thighs, the waistband of my shorts, my feet, or under my arms. 

By mile 8 I could tell I was chafing on my inner thighs and it felt like they were on fire by the time we finished at mile 13.  How is that possible?  If I really did gain weight from all the garbarge I've consumed, I'm sure it's just a few pounds and it seems impossible that would have all collected on my thighs.  I feel bloated and disgusting, but it doesn't seem plausible that I'd really be bloated enough to chafe on my legs after only 13 miles. 

Either way, it was kind of a stupid mistake on my part.  I probably should use glide on any of my former chafing areas on any run over 10 miles.  I skipped under my arms because I made the mistake of wearing long sleeves, but even that can be risky.  Oh well.  At least the worst pain seems to be over.

And while I skipped working out this morning to take my folks to the airport, it's going to be a week of clean eating I hope!  Maybe alcohol-free too.  My tummy (and thighs) needs it!  Oh, still hurting...

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