Saturday, October 2, 2010


Wow.  This time tomorrow, I should be approaching the starting corrals.  Nervous and excited.  My asthma is bothering me a lot more than usual now, and has been for the last 18 hours or so.  I think it's the cold air, and reminds me why I don't live in the north. 

Yesterday we went to the Mall of America for lunch and some shopping.  Then we went to the expo.  Smaller than White Rock's and RNR's, but bigger than St. George.  It was pretty good.  Didn't have time to drive the course though, unfortunately, so that will have to go on today's agenda. 

Zach and Lawren met us at the expo, which was fun.  Her ring is so pretty and they seem really happy.  Then we all came back to the house to hang out for a while and the 4 of us went out for coffee, then we all went out for dinner, waiting for Adam to get here.  We changed restaurants once b/c the wait was too long, but then settled at a pizza place.  Old Chicago, apparently a chain.  Service was atrocious but food was fine.  I couldn't believe Adam was drinking.  He was joking about sabotaging himself.

Anyway, slept well last night, now waiting for Zach and Lawren to come get us so we can head out to breakfast, then a horse show, then lunch, then driving the course, hotel, dinner, laying out our gear for the morning.  Wow...

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