Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally, a Quiet Weekend

It's a little sad how excited I am to have a quiet wknd ahead of me.  I feel like this has been an insanely awesome month and a half, but between my weekend of Oktoberfest craziness, traveling for the marathon, and having my folks here with a jammed schedule, plus ongoing house contractor things that are hopefully wrapping up as I type, I am so excited about not having much planned this weekend. 

The big calendar events:  my Chinese Thanksgiving lunch with my friend David (one of my all-time favorite foods, look under V b/c it's a vegan chinese buffet), a trip to WorldFest to watch the Italian Club dancers in the afternoon on Saturday, and a presentation on Sunday night at a running store about mental race preparation (something I desperately need to improve, though the BQ has undoubtedly helped!).  And of course running on Sunday morning is a given. 

Besides that, there are a million little things I hope to accomplish:
  • Laundry (if I'm lucky, hubby will get one load of whites going today, leaving darks, sheets and towels for the wknd)
  • Choosing 2-3 Xmas card pictures and ordering them
  • Creating, ordering and picking up a photo collage
  • Filling out the info forms for our estates attorney (basically we have to each list all our property, assets, etc., and then roughly tell him what we want done with it)
  • Picking up a prescription for a new inhaler
  • Returning a box of checks to the bank
  • Shopping for my 2011 planner/calendar
  • Finally finishing my MTCM race report for this blog!
  • Writing out Xmas lists for me and hubby, and asking a few people for theirs
  • Shopping for a gift for a wedding next wknd
  • Rearranging first floor bedroom and cleaning EVERYTHING in it
  • Making a donation drop-off trip to Goodwill
  • Doing the final cull of my skirts -- sorting out what needs to be altered, what should be donated, what I want to keep
  • Pick up Nov. book club book and start reading it
  • Unloading the dishwasher! 
If I get very ambitious, I might also go have the oil light on my car checked (they just did an oil change but the light is still on), and I might try to cook something ambitious for dinner on Sat night, but no idea what.  May also try to pick a couple crock-pot recipes for next week, and make another batch of this cannellini-garlic dip that I eat on my wraps for lunch almost every day. 

Hmm... that's a list of almost 20 things, plus running, lunch, watching the dance group and the mental training lecture.  Wonder how much will actually get done.  If I had to bet, the things that won't be done:  estates attorney forms, race report, skirt culling, oil light, Goodwill.  But that would still be getting a lot done. 

I'm most excited about getting our first floor back in order.  Such a boring blog post though.  Sorry.  Uneventful boot camp this morning.  1.5 miles of running and I just jogged on the sprints the trainer had us do.  Feeling good, hoping for about 15 miles on Sunday! 

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