Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Running First (and Last, I Hope)

I'm making crazy progress on my weekend to-do list, which is nice.  A couple errands yesterday were insanely frustrating (trying to pick up prescription and take checks back to bank), but eventually they all got done and our guest bedroom is back in order, which is a huge relief. 

Last night while we were getting ready for bed, we had the bedroom window open and the ceiling fan on.  It felt really cool out.  We still shut the window though and turned on the AC when we went to bed, just to avoid hearing noise, etc.

Well, after my encounter with the Dallas Police last week, I'm trying to be especially early in the morning now so there's really no reason to rush or perhaps make a right turn on red without a full stop first.  But since I already get up at 4:52 on Tues/Thurs, at 4:45 on Sundays, and at 5:00 on M/W/F I really would prefer not to wake up any earlier.  So I thought a good solution would be to choose my workout outfit and leave it on the bathroom counter, everything (including watch) except shoes.

Last night with the lovely cool breeze from the window, I decided to lay out shorts and a long sleeved shirt.  Got up this morning and out the door very quickly, wearing my planned outfit.  While meeting up with my group, tying my shoes, etc., it didn't seem cold out, but I was comfortable. 

Within less than half a mile though, I was cooking.  Long sleeves were proving to be a huge mistake.  No one else was wearing them.  Most were sleeveless actually, and at 5:30 the temp was mid-60s.  By mile 1, I was really uncomfortable.  I told Elizabeth and she said she thought it was not a good idea to keep running like that.  She said I should either cut the run very short (like run 4 miles instead of 15), or take it off. 

So I ran in a sports bra.  I tried tying my shirt around my waist, but that was so irritating, so I took my car key out of the pocket and put it in my shorts, then I tied my shirt to a fence near the 2-mile water stop and crossed my fingers it would be there when I got back, since it's one of my faves.

I was so uncomfortable.  I was running with about 4-5 guys and 2 women.  I tried not to think about it, but I've seen pics of non-elite women with great bodies running in sports bras and it's just not pretty.  There's just too much jiggling. 

Anyway, I survived and no one vomited at the sight.  We ran out 7.6 miles and then back.  At about 14.7, I gave my water bottle to a guy to hold and put the shirt back on as I ran.  So it all worked out.  15.2 lovely miles when I didn't think about what people saw when they saw me. 

But let's hope my pasty, jiggly belly is never exposed to anyone's eyes other than mine, hubby's and maybe a doctor's ever again!  Lesson learned:  I need to check the weather in the morning.

One of my fave things about summer is not worrying about the weather, just grabbing a singlet and shorts and not thinking twice, but we're now at the point where I can't make the long- or short-sleeve call w/o checking the temp.  And if I guess wrong, it makes for a miserable run, shivering or roasting or exposing my belly.  Lesson learned...

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