Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers Fever

I can't decide if I'm a baseball fan or not.  My brothers played while they grew up and I used to watch their games.  As a grown-up, I've travelled to Arizona twice and Florida twice to watch spring training games.  And my brother played minor-league ball in NY, and I went to watch him play. 

But my hubby (fortunately for me) isn't a sports nut.  He for the most part doesn't care, except for some marginal interest every 4 years in the summer Olympics and the World Cup. 

But Rangers-mania is sweeping our city right now.  Last night they won and are now World Series bound for the first time ever.  We live in a fairly trendy area and could here people's celebrations last night.  I'm very happy for all my friends who are so happy.  One of the guys I go to camp with had something funny on his fb status:  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! THE FREAKIN RANGERS R GOIN TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!! I cried some good sports tears in Arlington tonight!!! GO RANGERS!!!

Anyway, part of me wishes our homeowner's insurance would cover us if we rented out our house for a few days per year ... it would be great to take a vacation during the World Series, or in Jan when the Superbowl is here. 

Rest day today.  I'm going to plug away on my list! 

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