Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road to Recovery

I went to camp this morning but didn't run at all.  It wasn't much of a workout actually, because I didn't really do most the exercises if there was any leg component to them.  I feel like I'm almost as nervous about getting injured now as I was two weeks ago!  I just know how vulnerable I am to injury or illness right now, and I don't want to do anything to derail a solid recovery and return to running (though the goals remain undefined, other than the half on Nov. 7).  I was doing some lunges and mid-way through, I asked my husband wtf I was doing.  I know better.  It felt good to move and kind of stretch, but I think it was more strain than I needed.  Either way, I stopped promptly. 

After camp, my husband and I walked for 1.6 miles and on the way home, I felt like I could have jogged.  I'm planning to attempt it tomorrow, assuming my rate of recovery continues.  I think I'm going to meet my weekday group at 5:15 and head to the track with them, run an easy mile or two, and then head back solo (since they all have longer repeats).  Then Sunday one of my best and longest running partners and I are thinking of doing an easy 8-10 with the group, assuming tomorrow goes well. 

I got my flu shot yesterday, so hopefully that, plus my extra sleep this week and my care with my legs will let me get back to a routine pretty soon.  Although I'm in a really good mood b/c of the exciting Boston possibilities, I can tell I'm starting to really miss running, I've felt kind of snippy for a day or so now.  But that's probably also due to the chaos at home.  The problem with coming back right after the marathon and having both of us head straight to work on Monday is that I feel like there are no groceries, nothing is where it belongs, we're completely out of sorts.  And with family coming to visit next weekend, I don't want chaos right now.  I gave my husband a list of projects for his day off today and I hope to tackle a bunch of stuff on Saturday.  With all of that, plus a return to running, I should be feeling as good as new on Sunday! 

I've already gotten some Boston related emails.  Possibly sharing a room, dinner plans the night before, and I've been told to consider the 5k the day before (though not as a race of course).  I was told that the 5k fills up fast, lets you see part of the marathon course, and has medals and a great tech long-sleeve shirt at the finish.  Interesting...  I'm hoping to book our hotel this week before Chicago on Sunday, when countless other people will be booking rooms I'm sure. 

Our tentative plan is to go to Boston, then head to Pittsburgh to visit or pick-up the in-laws, then head to Italy.  Possibly a stop in Paris on the way home.  Egypt and Sweden are wholly out of the planning equation. 

I'm working on an official race report to email my running group and post on here.  Soon, I hope!

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