Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Tex's Revenge

This is going to be TMI for some, so feel free to skip this post, but oh, my belly has not been the same since this past weekend.  Scale is maybe back up a pound, but it had recently gone down one, so this may have just been getting that back. 

I'd be happy to lose a few pounds, but it's just not my focus right now -- I'm far more interested in attempting kick Adam's @ss on Nov. 7 at the half-marathon.  So getting the pound back is fine, but I feel like I'm losing about 5 pounds per day in bodily waste.  It's disgusting.  I just want to get back to normal.

I finally got back into my Wed. habit from training of running home with Joy after boot camp today.  I told her about my intestinal distress and she asked when the last time was that I'd eaten like that.  The cake and ice cream overload probably last happened a couple months ago when it was my bday and when I was eating my B&J pints after my 20+ mile training runs.  But in terms of fried food, I couldn't say when I'd last eaten like that.  I eat fries every few weeks, pretty much whenever we're out to eat and it comes with what I order -- not often, but not rare.  But even last year at the Fair, I don't think I ate that many fried things b/c I got a baked potato at one point and then didn't feel so munchy. 

This year the fried beer was my appetizer, the fried margarita and french fries were my entree, the fried butter was my first dessert and the fried lemonade was my second dessert. 

I wish I'd photographed it all.  I put a fried butter picture in my original post, but didn't have good pics of the rest of the stuff. 

I've been eating well since Monday morning now.  Even last night at the movies I didn't want popcorn -- I'd snuck in an apple for me and carrot sticks for hubby, and we munched on those.  Saw Conviction by the way, with Hillary Swank, pretty enjoyable and I kept wondering what would happen.  I had never heard of the true story that is the basis for the movie so I didn't know (nor did my husband). 

Maybe just a couple more days and I'll feel better.  Fingers crossed.  Maybe I should follow the advice I always give my husband (who gets an upset stomach after almost anything greasy) and take some Pepto or something. 

Packed a super-healthy lunch for today that I got from Newly Wed, Newly Veg, it's a smash of garbanzo beans, yogurt, raisins, curry powder and cumin served over spinach and some random mixed greens.  Yum! 

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