Monday, October 4, 2010

Not registering for Boston -- yet

So the big item on my agenda today (besides work, my recovery walk tonight, and stuff like that) was to register for Boston in April.  Since Boston has filled up quickly the last 2 years and since so many people will probably qualify at Chicago this coming weekend, I wanted to get registered this week before everyone running Chicago signed up.

Signed on the BAA website -- no go: 
Registration for the 2011 Boston Marathon will open on October 18, 2010 at 9:00 a.m., and be held exclusively online at Registration is expected to fill quickly, and interested runners are encouraged to register early. The field size for the 115th Boston Marathon is 25,000 runners.
So new plan.  Register at 8:01 my time on 10/18. 

Boston was kind of the key variable in our spring vacation plans.  The race is on our wedding anniversary and hubby kind of wanted to spend our anniversary in Italy in the town where we got married.  But he obviously knew that Boston had been a goal of mine longer than I've known him actually.  And since he's so proud of me, he was envisioning a trip where we fly east for Boston, I race, and then we fly on to Italy, possibly with a stop in Pittsburgh to visit or pick up his parents (if they're able to go to Italy with us).  And a stopover in Paris for a couple days.  I was actually kind of irritated with him for continuing to talk about it, I just didn't want him to jinx me. 

I had to remind him how many times I ran a marathon hoping to break 4 hours and it didn't happen.  This was only my first serious attempt at a BQ time, and I was fully prepared for the fact that it might take several marathons before I actually did it.  I was thinking if we didn't go to Boston and if his parents didn't come with us to Italy, maybe we could do Italy and Egypt instead. 

But now Egypt is scrapped in favor of Boston, assuming I get registered on time on 10/18.  And while I still will need to get to Egypt in the next few years, Boston first!! 

Physical inventory is okay today.  Sore quads on both legs.  Some stiffness in my calves.  Left biceps femoris is painful.  Tight groin muscles.  Ravenous hunger continues.  Other than that, all good.  Probably another night of very solid sleep ahead of me.  This week I need to start making decisions on my other fall racing plans.  So many options! 
  • Oct. 17 -- 10k in Ft. Worth -- maybe, unlikely
  • Oct. 24 -- 5 mile Uptown Run -- maybe, unlikely
  • Nov. 7 -- DRC half marathon with Adam -- definite
  • Nov. 14 -- RNR marathon (or half) in San Antonio -- maybe
  • Nov. 14 -- Ft. Worth half marathon or 20 miler (no chance I'd do the full) -- maybe, unlikely
  • Nov. 21 -- Mote half marathon in Ft. Worth -- strong maybe
  • Nov. 25 -- Turkey Trot 8 mile with hubby -- definite
  • Dec. 5 -- White Rock marathon (or half) -- maybe
  • Dec. 12 -- 10 mile in Ft. Worth -- maybe, unlikely (even though it would be a guaranteed PR)
  • Jan. 23 -- Too Cold 15k -- very likely
But I need to start some serious thinking about life after our spring vacation.  What's next after Boston?  Do I try to keep improving my marathon time or do I retire from the distance having met my goal?  Do I start looking at ultras and/or trail running?  Do I focus on shorter distances and getting faster?  Do I pick up something new like cycling?  I really like running and I really like marathon training -- I love my running friends and I love the calorie burn.  I guess I'll defer decisions on those questions until after my other weekday buds run their races and I see if there's a good group for Boston, and what their plans are after that.

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