Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flat Tire, Again!

I think I have the worst luck of anyone I know regarding flat tires.  Amazingly, 2009 was a lucky flat-free year for me.  But I just got my second one of 2010.  The first one was in July on my way to a race (made it there but it was flat and undriveable by the time I finished), and a kind stranger fixed it afterward.  Well, yesterday I was leaving work at lunch time to go get an hour of CLE and I noticed it was flat before I even got on the road.  I ran back in the office and the receptionist drove me to the CLE and then picked me up.  I don't have roadside assistance on my car anymore (note to self to get it!), and hubby had to work until 7, and I had to be at a movie theater for the Sound of Music Sing-Along at 6:00 (it would have been okay for me to be late, but I paid for tickets for a friend, and she couldn't pick them up without me being there, so I really had to be on time).  The partner at my firm said he could change it for me -- so, so nice!  So I drove to the theater on the dinky spare.  What I forgot was that I can't drive on the highway with that, so I had to take city streets, which meant almost 45 minutes to go about 6 miles between all the traffic and traffic lights.  I was late but my sweet friend was quite understanding.  It was a frustrating day though.  But singing along to Sound of Music made the night a fun and memorable evening after all.  Always torn when trying to choose my fave song in that movie. 

I don't know why I get so many flats.  I know there's a lot of construction in Dallas, so there are more nails and random debris on the streets than in other cities, but no one I know seems to get them as often as I do! 

Anyway, my big project for this weekend I think is going to be to go to some running stores and do some internet research about racing flats (shoes, not tires!).  My speed coach in the spring was suggesting I should get a pair and I think I'm finally ready.  I'd like to bust out a few PRs in early 2011!  Ran a bit at camp this morning, 1 mile hard, and about .6 easy, but didn't get to run with Joy afterward since I had to get home to deal with the tire stuff. 

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