Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quiet Day

I am attempting to work from home today to be here while workers are getting stuff ready in our first floor bedroom for my folks who get here tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it sounds like it's not all going to get done.  Ugh.  The good news is that they might leave soon, so I can head to the office.

I have a sore left glute/groin/hamstring muscle.  Very hard to tell which it is, I'm thus far unable to isolate it, but I haven't tried very hard.  I went to the track this morning and David let me pick the workout (NY runners had their scheduled track run, but that was way too ambitious for those of us 10-12 days post-marathon).  I chose a ladder, thinking it would all be a steady and fairly easy pace.  I picked 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (technically the last one was an 800, b/c I wanted to do a 400 easy to lead into our actual 400).  But then he let Jesse pick the pace!  I led the pace on the 1600 (faster than it felt), and then Jesse said we'd drop each lap by 5 seconds (so each lap on the 1200 would be 5 secs faster than each lap on the 1600 was, and then each lap on the 800 would be 10 secs faster than each lap on the 1600 was).  I essentially dropped it by 4 per lap on the 1200, about the same pace for the 800, and then the designated 15 seconds for the 400.  But I figured it was better to be cautious and it didn't really matter anyway. 

Definitely going to watch the leg issue.  Maybe a week off is in order?  Actually a little nervous about that b/c all my post-race eating-based celebrations seem to have been deferred to this week.  Tues night was a dinner consisting of wine, cheese, bread, pizza, and a small amount of salad.  Last night was my hubby's bday so more wine, goat cheese stuffed peppers, potato omlette, aioli, a couple grilled veggies and then lots of cake.  Tonight will be fine, but tomorrow night will be a big meal with my folks, followed by all kinds of fried foods at the Fair on Saturday, a wine picnic dinner Saturday night, and probably a cheese-based picnic lunch on Sunday, and then book club deliciousness Sunday night, which will probably be more sweets than I usually eat in several weeks.  But normal eating patterns should resume on Monday.  I do think I'd gain some lbs this week though if I backed off exercise much since my eating habits are so extraordinary right now.  Oh well.  I'll see how it feels in the morning and probably go to camp either way, just may not do the running or may not do it hard.

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