Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Travel plans

So two posts in 2019.  Look at me go.

We want to go back to Africa.  ASAP.  So we decided to sit down and make a list of where else we want to go.  And then we can just alternate Italy and Southern Africa every other year. 

THE LIST (as of May 2019)

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos -- planned for later this year
Fiji, Australia, New Zealand -- current plan for 2020
Israel, Jordan (assuming safe), Italy, London -- plan for 2021

Then we need to stick the schedule of going to Italy about every other year (although we can certainly add on something relatively nearby), but where else do we want to go?

The musts:

Bhutan.  Big time.  Could be added to a trip back to Nepal or other parts of China.  (2022?)
Egypt.  If/when it seems safe.  Could go from Italy (2023)? 
RTW trip -- to Japan and/or Korea, to Kazakstan, to Europe (2023?)
Peru (2026?)
Philippines.  Could also be added to a new-to-us China trip. (2028?)
Cuba (2021?)
Rwanda.  We'd probably add this to a repeat of the places we loved most on this last trip (Zambia, Botswana, Namibia) (2024?)

The ones I would like to add, if time and funds permit:   

Japan and/or Korea (whichever one we didn't do on the RTW drip)
Romania and Bulgaria (with Italy)
Ethiopia and Eritrea (probably with Italy)
Ireland (with Italy)
Portugal (with Italy)
Norway (with Italy?)
Ukraine (with Italy?)
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (with Italy?)
Ecuador, Galapagos Islands
Cyprus (with Italy)
Slovakia (and my husband has never been to Czech Rep, Hungary or Poland, all of which he'd probably like and I'd be happy to go back to and could easily be added to this)
Burma (would be added to a trip back to Nepal probably)
Sri Lanka
Maldives -- although I have a sneaking suspicion this will never happen.  Hard to get to, not high enough of a priority. 

The repeat countries:
Would like to return to Nepal.
Would like to return to China but go new places (particularly Guilin), but also go back to Shanghai.
In Italy, have never been to Trieste, Sardenga, or Perugia.  Husband also wants to go to Ostia, Torina, Luca, Val d'Aosta. 

I love dreaming of trips...

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