Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pit Bull

I think Pit Bull must have a very high ownership interest in Pandora.  He is freaking every other song it seems no matter which of my three stations I pick.  I mean, I'm fine with an occasional Pit Bull song.  I think a reasonable ratio might be once every 100 songs?  But he seems to be about every 10th song.  Maybe even more.  Definitely too much. 

I think I'm only just now realizing this because I'm listening to more Pandora lately.  The only time I listen to Pandora is in the locker room at work while I'm getting dressed.  And I'm spending a lot more time there it seems because I am officially car-less! 

Sold my sweet baby this week and haven't got a new one yet.  Yikes!  So I'm run commuting by necessity, which is all fun and good for a few days, but I think my husband will get irritated with ride sharing by the middle of next week if this hasn't been sorted out yet.  And maybe I'm giving him too much credit, he might be irritated by the middle of this weekend, depending on how much schedule coordination has to occur. 

One of his co-workers bought my car, which is maybe less anxiety-ridden than it would otherwise be.  The night he bought it, there were random storms later in the evening.  The new buyer told me he was going to keep my car (well, his car if we're being technical) in his garage.  When I saw on the news that some parts of the metroplex saw hail in that storm, I started texting him repeatedly to get confirmation that my car was okay and hadn't been left outside. 

Then I called him again the next morning to make sure everything was still okay, and he said something along the lines of "you know, at some point, something might happen to the car, and you're going to have to be okay with it." 

I was tempted to tear up his check and seize back my car.  WTH???  I only sold it to him because he promised to love it and take good care of it.  I should have demanded that he kiss it upon accepting ownership (I kissed it goodbye repeatedly). 

I told him that I expect the car to be kept safe and protected for at least 4.75 years, until its 21st birthday, and he should exercise extreme caution to avoid exposure to hail, door dings, road debris, and accidents for at least the next 5 years.  I don't think I'm being unreasonable here. 


  1. All of that cracked me up! :)

    We listen to Pandora in our bathroom on the Amazon Echo, and yeah the playlists are actually fairly thin and not always reasonably constructed. Almost like record companies were paying to promote certain music / artists.

    And it isn't just pop music - my tendencies are 'out there' jazz first and foremost, and I find their algorithms are crap in any of the jazz realms - and seem to be blatantly pushing certain music. So I listen to Accuradio for jazz, we mostly listen to Slacker for pop (works for all four of our varied tastes), and Pandora only on occasion.

    As for the car ... that is just hilarious. :) Not sure how I would react to someone calling after a sale like that ... but then I don't have any similar investment in cars in general. Don't get me wrong - I love my little Subaru, and take very good care of it, but still ... it cracks me up.

    Good luck with the car hunt!

    1. I called him yesterday afternoon to make sure everything was okay, and I asked him if he'd put gas in it (knowing it was pretty low when I sold it) -- he had, and I pushed for confirmation that he used premium. He told me he did, he bit the extra 20 cents per gallon, but he also said I can't call and check on what kind of gas again...

    2. He might need to get a restraining order on behalf of the car :)

      That said, for certain cars, getting premium gas really matters - they are designed and tuned around a certain formulation.

  2. Ha ha!!! I'm dying! You are hilarious! I think you would also be apalled and never speak to me again if you knew how badly I treat my car!

    1. Haha, I'm actually fine with any condition of other non-special cars, but I feel like *my* car deserves only the best, lots of TLC from the new owner.

  3. Lol! This guy is going to block your number. It's so sweet how much you adore the car. Did you name the car? The first car I bought myself I named Ramona.

    So random that you would mention Pitbull today. I went for a run this morning. I was listening to a playlist on Amazon music and I was thinking about how much Pitbull was on there. Of course that was my doing. The man just has so many songs! I need to revamp my running music because I'm pretty sure I've been listening to some of the songs since 2011.

    1. Ha, I still remember my best friend in HS's car we named Tad Wren. Because it was red but it had been tan before she got it painted. We added the W for style. Can't remember what we named mine though.

      I think all my Pandora stations are named after songs likely 2011 or earlier. Yet modern (-ish? not sure) Pit Bull songs still show up. But I'm probably guilty of liking a bunch of them before I realized the frequency with which he'd be on.