Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reading and Running

A quick post to share a link (courtesy of Hungry Runner Girl).  An overlap of two of my favorites -- running and reading. 

Here's a link to an article called 9 books every runner should read:

I've read a lot of running books, so I was surprised I've only read three of them on this list: 

Born to Run (which I reviewed here (the barefoot aspect) and here (the vegetarian aspect)),
Running and Being (a book I'd guess almost every runner has read), and
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Murakami being an author of interest outside the running context as well). 

Guess I'll have to make plans to read the others! 

Have you read any/all of them?  Any recommendations on where I should start? 


  1. I love Once a Runner! It's my husband's favorite running book because he met John Parker and got a signed copy, and he "made" me read it when I first started running. It's not a thriller or anything, but it's so relatable! I have Mile Markers on my shelf so that's my next one. Other than that, have only read the same ones as you.

    1. And by relatable, I don't mean that I ever have been or ever will be an elite runner ... just that I can relate to some of the emotions in the book :).

    2. I'm actually not keen on reading Mile Markers, so I hope you review it on your blog so I can reconsider. I remember when she used to have a column in RW and her voice just never resonated with me. But maybe the book is different.

  2. I just tried to comment, but it didn't seem to go through. I hope this isn't a duplicate. I have only read Born to Run off of this list. I better get reading! I've added a few to my Good Reads book shelf. I would also like to read Dean Karnazes and Scott Jurek.