Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spoiler Cover

Hubby and I are watching The Bachelorette again this season.  It seems like there's a bit less drama when it's a bunch of guys, but I still don't know why we watch.  But we're hooked. 

Our June calendar has been out of control.  I feel like we have plans almost every night, almost every week.  This is going to have to end soon.  July can be an "at home" month maybe. 

Anyway, Monday night I was supposed to go see a movie with a girlfriend.  But then we found out that our trainer was having his network television debut that night (he was in the Regional competition for America's Ninja Warrior), and there was going to be a big watch party that night. 

This guy has been our trainer for years.  In fact, I can only think of 2-3 others that we've worked out with for as long (at our boot camp, it's usually several different trainers over the course of the week, and we've been going for many years).  So we decided it was really important that we go and support him, so I canceled my movie plans and we went to the sports bar for the watch party.  Unfortunately, he rocked the course but was only featured for about 7 seconds.  It was still a really good time.  And we recorded the Bachelorette.

Then Tuesday morning I got up to run.  One of my best running buddies and I are not running together this season.  I think he's just too fast for me.  We run the same route but separate, and then meet up at the finish.  We're both running with other people right now.  But he will always be one of my favorite running buddies. 

Well, his wife loves the Bachelorette and he gets hooked the same way my husband does.  Anyway, he and I will sometimes discuss the show over the miles.  And very early in a run we'd make sure we had either both seen the whole thing, or we'd figure out how much the other person had seen.

Tuesday, after our run, we were doing a cool down walk in the parking lot, his whole group and my whole group.  He came right up to me and was like, "We need to talk.  Man, I can't believe she voted off your boy Ryan."  And I was like "WHAT???????!!!!!" 

In perhaps the fastest cover ever, he was like, no, I'm just kidding, I don't know, we didn't have time to watch the whole thing.  And somehow I fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  Since I'd kind of shrieked when he said it, I had to explain to all our friends that I thought he'd just ruined the show for me, but he was joking, and we both haven't seen it yet.

Tuesday night, after the track meet, hubby and I watched the first little segment of the DVRed show. 

Last night, I went to do the social run.  It was short and hot.  A bunch of the people were going out for a beer afterward, but I just wasn't feeling it.  It's just been overwhelming to not be home at all at night.  I know it's all my choice, no one makes me do these things, and I enjoy them, but I just decided a beer wasn't a good plan.  I was better off not getting the extra calories (I skipped boot camp that day, so only one workout yesterday, and it was a short run, so it barely counts), getting the extra sleep, and spending the extra time with hubby at home.  Oh, and watching the Bachelorette. 

So I was done running by about 7:15 last night and home by about 7:30.  And we stayed up and watched the entire remainder of the show.  It got to be the date with the guy (Ryan) who was our early favorite.  He lives in the same region as the Bachelorette (which we think is highly underrated), and just seemed like a good match.  The more we watched, the less we liked him.  But still, our early favorite always keeps a special spot in our hearts on the show.  As we watched, I started to think my friend maybe hadn't been joking when he'd told me Ryan got eliminated.  And then I thought maybe he was, and he really hadn't seen the show.  And then I thought maybe he wasn't.  And then he was, and then he wasn't.  It was funny.

But of course when I went to go run this morning, he was the first person I talked to and I told him I'd finally seen the whole show.  He was like, thank goodness, saying he'd felt so bad for spoiling it and wasn't sure I'd bought his attempt to recover.  We had a good laugh about that.  And now we'll both be more careful.  And I need to just keep Monday nights clear so I can watch in real time!

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  1. Dude! I kept thinking that Ryan was going to smooth talk her into giving him the rose! crazy!

    I haven't watched bachelor/bachelorette in awhile... but this season has me hooked.