Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day Triple!

Yesterday was officially "National Running Day."  Since I'm 90% sure I have a marathon goal to work toward (oh yeah, the good news about Beijing I posted this week, not yet clear; my friend in Shanghai called the phone number and they said the date is still not official; but we're going to probably go ahead and book tickets now anyway), I want to step up my training.

There is ZERO chance I will get a marathon PR in Beijing.  Even if the air were crystal clear and I were starting off the training season strong (instead of where I am), I want to soak up the experience of this marathon.

Now I know as well as anyone else that running a marathon alone at a slower pace than usual can feel like a beating, but I'm braced for it.  The key for me is going to be to start slow. 

Anyway, I'm stepping up my workouts this week.  On Tuesday, I ran 7 miles with my running buddies in the morning, then ran 2600 meters at the track meet with more friends in the evening. 

Yesterday, for national running day, I went to boot camp in the morning, and ran a little there (though actually I skipped out on most of the running, since I was sore from the track).  After boot camp, I went for a short couple miles with a friend.  It was mostly just because we hadn't seen each other in weeks and wanted to catch up.  Then I went home, showered, went to work, and worked all day. 

After work was my official "National Running Day" celebration -- I walked to a Mexican food restaurant right by my house that was the social run meeting point this week, went for a few easy fun miles with that group, then went back to the restaurant for drinks and dinner. 

Today with just a single workout is going to feel like a piece of cake! 

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