Monday, June 25, 2012

FMM: Dating, again?

My weekend was so uneventful and it quiet, that it was downright lovely.  We cleared off the DVR a little, watched a couple things on Netflix (Demolition Man (with Sylvester Stallone, has anyone else seen this?  it was ... interesting), Lilyhammer (think we're going to watch the whole series), and Secret in their Eyes (think this was up for best foreign film one year).  Besides all the screen time, our house got really straightened up, I even organized a couple drawers and managed to purge a couple things -- small things, but better than nothing. 

My long run was only 13 miles this weekend and it did not go well for one runner in my group, so I hung back and ran/walked it in with her.  She was really having a rough time -- possible went out too fast, but definitely some stomach issues.  But it made for a relaxing and easy finish for me, so that wasn't entirely unwelcome. 

And another high point to the weekend was book club -- but it was brunch instead of the usual dinner, and it was at my local bestie's house, which was fun. 

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I think we've done this one before, but doing it anyway, mostly because I came up with a good dream date for this week! 

FMM: Dating

1. What is your current relationship status? (Be as specific as you’d like to be!) Married -- first and hopefully last time.  Just over 3 years now. 

2. List a few qualities that you look for in a significant other. Loving, funny, considerate, able to put up with me, has things in common with me.

3. If you could choose to date one character in TV or film, who would you choose? And which characteristics are most appealing?  Hmm, let's go with Westley from The Princess Bride.  He was so in love and so devoted, not to mention funny, smart and strong, I never thought I'd find anyone that into me. 

4. How long should you date before becoming exclusive? I guess it depends.  If you both have dated a lot before, not necessarily too long -- but if people are young and inexperienced, a longer wait is probably better. 

5. What are your thoughts on public displays of affection? I think we've had this question before.  Hubby and I are kind of mushy.  I love it when we're touching in public, and we're almost always holding hands or have our arms around each other when we're walking or sitting. And there's lots of (closed-mouth) kissing and hugging.  I save serious public make-outs for about the 3 times a year I get really intoxicated.  But anytime we're on a plane that lands, I always want a "real" kiss.  But we make it short and hopefully no one else notices. 

6. How has what you want in a mate changed throughout your life?  Haha.  I only had to date about 5 other lawyers before I realized that probably wasn't a good match.  Not a good thing when you can both argue the other side just to argue. 

7. Do you kiss on the first date?  I did with my husband. 

8. Would you date someone shorter than you? I think we've had this question before too.  If the man of my dreams were shorter than me, I'd deal with it -- but he's not and since I'm not particularly tall, that was never really a question. 

9. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I don't like this question -- the first things I notice are obviously the first things I think most people notice if they're honest -- you notice the fact that the person is the opposite sex, then we probably all notice build, race, and probably approximate age.  I don't buy it if someone says they notice eyes first -- you honestly can say that the person who walked by you on the street had hazel eyes but you're not sure if he was 15 or 85, and if he weighed 150 pounds or 400 pounds, if he was 5 feet tall or 7 foot 6?  It sounds sweet, but I just don't believe it. 

10. Is it important to be friends first?  Not necessarily -- I think some people can meet and start dating and become friends in the process, but I think it's nice if you know and like someone in a non-romantic context first.  I think I knew my husband for about a year before we started dating. 

11. How long should you wait before becoming intimate?  I'm sure it depends for everyone.  I'd say at least until you're exclusive, you feel like there aren't any surprises you don't know about the person, you think you could be compatible for life, you feel like you're in love (even if you guys haven't said it) and you've been dating at least 6 days, so it's dollar shot night at your favorite bar. 

12. Do you prefer to date older or younger?  I think my entire adult dating life the answer has always been older.  I'm sure in high school, college, and maybe even law school, I dated guys the same age, but generally older.  But I've only dated 2 guys more than 10 years older than me, one happened to be my husband -- almost 11 years, but we don't notice it unless we're talking about pop culture type stuff -- music, movies, tv shows. 

13. Biggest turn-on?  Consideration.

14. Biggest turn-off?  Asshole-ishness.  When I'm arguing with my husband or he's being a pill, I'm completely unattracted to him.  Thankfully that's not too often. 

15. Describe your dream date.  It varies.  This week, he would send a special lunch to my office -- maybe like a big veggie sub sandwich.  Right when I got hungry but before I could microwave whatever I'd brought.  It would be hearty and nutritious and delicious, but not too heavy.  Then a few hours later, he could pick me up at work with a special outfit in a bag for me to put on before I left -- it would be my favorite shorts, sports bra, a new and lovely tank, my heart rate monitor, watch, and socks (maybe new ones, I'm not sure), along with my running shoes.  He'd have a cold bottle of ice water waiting in the car.  He'd be dressed in running clothes too.  There would be smooth romantic music on the radio and he'd drive me to a local private high school, where lots of other people were gathering for the track meet, including a whole bunch of our friends.  We'd run.  About 3-5 events each.  Maybe we'd run one of them holding hands.  Then we'd leave together and go out for frozen yogurt.  There would be a long sleeve zip cardigan in the car so I wouldn't be cold in the fro yo place.  Then we'd walk home and make out (and go get the car in the morning).

As an aside, there's really no chance of this -- but hopefully we'll meet up at the track meet this week and run -- he'll do 2 events at most, I might aim for 4 or so.  But no new outfit, and probably no fro-yo afterward.  And certainly not leaving a car somewhere...

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