Friday, June 29, 2012


Ugh.  At about 2:20 this morning, after tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, I finally, loudly, asked hubby if he was awake about 5 times.  Finally he was like, what, did you say something? 

I told him I couldn't sleep.  It makes no sense.  I'm completely exhausted.  Between staying out so late at the baseball game for work last night, and then getting up so early to run this morning, I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night.  And I'm a sleeper.  I took a little nap when I got home from running, but less than an hour.

I am stressed about work.  We have our big audit wrap up meeting at 10:30 today.  I am worried.  The auditor has made a couple comments about some problems on my files.  Two issues I became aware of on Wed and attempted to resolve yesterday.  Not huge deals. 

Yesterday I told my boss how overwhelmed I was, and the end result of the conversation was moving one potentially big case off my desk to my colleague, and I'm supposed to think about whether there is another easy group of cases I could give up that would help. 

But that's not helping me right now. 

I asked hubby if he wanted to go for a run with me.  Then we wouldn't have to work out in a few hours when it's normally time to go to boot camp or go running.  He wasn't interested.

I asked if he wanted to watch a movie.  He suggested I go downstairs alone if I wanted to do that.

I asked if he felt sexy.  He said he wanted to sleep.

I asked if he wanted to play trains (my favorite dominoes game).  He suggested we put on the radio show that we listen to as we go to sleep, and that we go back to sleep.

I asked if he wanted to do some China trip planning.  He told me he loved me and that he thought we should go back to sleep or I should go downstairs.

So here I am.  Turned on my computer and wondered if writing it all down would help, or if just doing some work would help more.  Make me feel less behind.  I'm still torn.  I worry if I start working, the next few hours will fly by and I'll get some stuff done, but then I'll be exhausted when I have to go in to the office for our meeting.

Not fun.  Surfing and reading now has me at 3:00.  Wondering if now I'll be able to fall asleep if I try again.  I need to go to yoga this weekend.  Maybe today, tomorrow AND Sunday!  And going on vacation next week (just to Pittsburgh for the Fourth) might help -- or it might make things a million times worse because I'll be even further behind...

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  1. I hope you got some sleep. I don't get insomnia very often any more, but when I do it just sucks my energy away.

    Yoga sounds like a good plan - time for yourself to wind down and de-stress a little.