Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hubby and I have been married almost 3 years and 2 months.  In some ways, I feel like we've been together forever, as we dated for a relatively long time before getting married (4+ years).  But in most ways, I feel like we got married fairly recently.  I don't think of our wedding as being long ago.

But the official tally as of today is up to TWO couples we know who got married after us and are already divorced. 

Don't think it really says anything as a.) we actually know a fair number of people who got married after we did and are still happily married; b.) both divorces in these instances were probably for the better (all parties involved significantly happier); and c.) one couple had been together for a very long time and the other didn't even know each other when hubby and I got married, so one long courtship, one short.

It's just interesting and in some ways it makes me feel like we're starting to accrue some seniority.  I know the numbers of later-married and then-divorced will climb and climb as the years go by, and I know that will be sad in many instances.  But it's just odd.  When it was our third anniversary, one of my co-workers jokingly said to me, "and they said it wouldn't last."  (Jokingly because he didn't even know me before we got married, and he's been married more than 40 years.)  But as we start to know more people in the "later-married now-divorced," category, it starts to make me feel like we've been married a long time. 


  1. I always get a little sad when I hear of people divorcing even if it's for the best. I grew up with divorced parents. It happens and people generally move on, but I have always been a bit old fashioned when it comes to marriage. My husband and I will celebrate our 11 year anniversary this fall. We definitely have our ups and downs, but in many ways our relationship has only gotten better.

  2. You and your hubs have a great relationship. You understand each other, accept the other's quirks, and work as a team. You seem like you're best friends, which I think is a key. I hope you feel like a newlywed throughout your marriage.