Thursday, June 28, 2012

Homeowner frustration

We live in new construction.  I was actually the original buyer on my condo, about 10 years ago, and then hubby moved into "my" place.  We've had very minimal homeowner issues.

Being the first resident, there were a few weird things within the first week.  For example, I turned on the shower in the master bathroom, and no matter how low the water stream was (as close to cold as possible), the water was scalding hot.  I used the guest room shower, and it worked fine.  Very simple fix -- turned out only the hot water feed was connected (or something weird like that).  One time after a big rainstorm, we had water coming in the house near a window.  That fix was more of a pain, but there was just some "weephole" and sealant fix.  Other than that, we've basically been free of any real maintenance issues. 

Well, after a very, very, very late night last night (Rangers game for work with our auditor, preceded by dinner), I got home and the garage door wouldn't go up more than about an inch.  Hubby coincidentally pulled up about the same time I did, so we just parked down the street and looked at it briefly.  It looks like some cable had gotten disconnected on one of the sides, and the other one also seems loose.  But the motor works and everything. 

Sigh.  So we have someone coming out today to look at it and give us an estimate.  It's just one of those headaches I didn't want right now.  I'm trying to put all my monthly discretionary income toward plane tickets within China (we bought our tix to and from, but we still have to buy 3 flights within the country, and one boat trip, plus hotels, etc.).  And it seems like every month I won't have any weird big expense, something like a broken garage door seems to come up. 

I suppose that it's easy to see some bright sides.  The biggest one is that if this had happened just a few hours later, it would have been a major disaster.  That would have meant it was at 5:00 this morning when we were both in major hurries to leave the house (I meet my running friends at 5:10 to start running at 5:15; just too hot any later than that, plus there's the whole "going to work" thing).  And then our cars would have been stuck inside.  And without the cable, we don't seem to be able to lift the door manually (though we haven't tried too hard, since we're not stuck inside).  And the other bright side is that even if we needed an entire new door or motor or something, in reality, for our first major issue, it wouldn't be that expense -- I can imagine a new AC unit would cost more, for example. 

But still a headache, so I'm still complaining! 

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  1. I am in a similar bind right now. We just booked a fall trip, not quite as exciting as China though my little guy will be in heaven. Two days ago my husband accidentally backed my car in a cement post and damaged the passenger side tail light and bumper. The insurance should cover it but now our insurance will suffer the subsequent surcharge. I am so grateful that my husband and son are ok. It's just a car. We work so hard and are very responsible with our money. It stinks to have to pay deductibles and increased insurance. I think we are entitled to a little griping once in a while!