Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Too Hurried

I can't believe it happened again today -- I fell again this morning.  Holy crap!  I've been running for about a decade now.  I've rolled ankles a few times, and I think once my hands even touched the ground, but I stayed upright.  Once a friend fell right behind me and she pushed me as she fell into me, but I stayed upright. 

Then this year happened.  I had my big fall in March.  And I posted a shot of the scene of the crime.  My finger is STILL jacked up from that fall.  I finally have an appointment for my finger on May 9.  Can't get here soon enough because it still hurts and has a limited range of motion.

Well, this morning was our last group run of the spring training season.  So I baked for my group.  Last night I made pumpkin cinnamon chip muffins.  I woke up and was so excited about it.

I always go through a mneumonic to make sure I don't forget anything in the morning before I work out, and I actually forgot to do that today, so I showed up with no watch!  Oops.  No big deal.  Everyone in my group seems to have a garmin too, and we were running a loop, so there was no worry about knowing when to u-turn. 

Anyway, we finished our last 6 mile run together and the group was stretching and I ran back to my car to get the muffins.  I had them in my hand and I was running back to the group and I must have tripped over a little pothole in the pavement.

And so I went crashing down.  Again. 

Ugh.  I kept the muffins upright though!  And this wasn't anywhere near as painful.  The biggest scrape is on my elbow, but I caught both hands and a calf, but it's all just scrapes. 

Still shocking that I seem to be jinxed right now!  Oh well, just glad it wasn't worse.


  1. It frustrating when you trip and fall over something practically invisible. I hope you didn't hurt the injured finger again. It's incredible that the muffins made it through that. They sound delicious. I hope the rest of your day goes well.

  2. Oh no! I hope your scrapes heal quickly.

    Is this the pumpkin cinnamon chip muffins that are like spice cake, pumpkin, cinnamon chips, bake and enjoy? Because IF SO, LOVE THEM SO MUCH. If not, recipe, please :)


  3. Fortunately, I seem to have hit the heel of my hand more than my finger, so the finger is no worse than it was (ortho appointment next week!).

    The recipe is spice cake mix, pumpkin, cinnamon chips AND eggbeaters. And I adore them too. Something I only make once or twice a year because it's too tempting to eat them all myself. I think I ended up eating 3 big muffins (2 yesterday, 1 today), and 4 mini muffins (2 when I baked them, 2 yesterday).