Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chickening Out

I'm kind of disappointed in myself.  Last night I went to my first all-comers track meet in my life.  I never ran cross-country in high school or anything.  I've taken a couple track-based running classes to work on building speed and getting in better shape. 

I know I'm out of shape now, but the only way to get it back is to try.  So last night I went to the track meet.  It's a 7 week series, and last night was week 3. 

My friends weren't there, but hubby came to watch.  I planned to run the mile and one other event, likely the 400. 

But no. 

I had logistical issues -- left work later than planned, didn't know where to go.  I didn't imagine a high school campus could be so big.  It was like a college -- there was a huge tennis complex, a field hockey team practicing, something that appeared to be football, and who knows how many other sports.  And the track.  But to get to the track, you were supposed to use an entrance other than the one I did.

By the time I parked and figured out where to walk to get to the track, the mile was just beginning.  Well, at least the heat in which I belonged. 

And so that meant that the first event I watched was a heat in which I didn't belong.  It was the mile for people running about 5-5:30 I think.  Yikes!  It seemed like they were flying.

And then was another mile heat -- sub-5 minute milers.  And that made the prior heat look slow.  The winner was around 4:20. 


I was intimidated.  Hubby and I ended up watching a bunch of the events and then leaving. 

I never ran at all.  Completely wimped out.

I need to get some friends to go with me next week.  It seemed that there were very few adult women.  That would have made me more comfortable.  There were guys of all ages, but very few women -- mostly high school girls and younger. 

No adult females in the 100 meter sprints. 

So I completely chickened out last night, but next week I'll make myself do it.  I'll be on time and know where to go.  I'll run with kids if necessary to find someone my pace.  I know it won't bother me to be last, I know that, but next week I'll be more mentally prepared for it. 

And next week I'll have fresher legs.  I won't be coming off a long run Sunday, a half-marathon Monday, a speedy Tuesday morning 6 miler, and then hitting the track Tuesday night.

No, next week I'll do the long run Sunday and a take-it-easy boot camp on Monday, and then an easy 6 on Tuesday morning, and my legs will be strong and ready for Tuesday night at the track.

I'll do it, it just wasn't meant to be last night.

But to make up for letting myself down, this morning boot camp ended early (thunderstorms and they did a groupon, so the group is too big to go to our normal inclement weather location), so when we got home, I decided to run stairs in the house.  I was aiming for 100 flights or until I finished out the boot camp hour, whichever came first.  I ended up with 75 flights and I think I'll have sore legs tomorrow! 

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  1. Wow - with times like that I'd be intimidated too! AS it is, today Bruce & I decided to bail on our first triathlon of the season. We are under-prepared, and when we saw the bike cutoff times for the Olympic distance, a quick calculation told us that unless we had a stellar swim, we wouldn't make it.

    Disappointing, but sometimes it's the right choice. You'll rock it next week!