Monday, May 7, 2012

FMM: Questions and Answers

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FMM: Q & A

1. What’s the most obnoxious word/phrase you use on a regular basis? I tend to trail off, which is very irritating.  Hard to think what else.  In law school, I took a class in trial ad, and then at the first law firm where I worked, we had a CLE -- both those experiences involved videotaping and listening to yourself and that was very instructive in helping me cut the verbal garbage.  I used to be bad about "like" "and" and "um." 

2. What’s the most memorable bumper sticker you’ve ever seen?  Living in Texas for the last decade plus, there were some memorable ones during the last campaign -- first I saw:  W the President.  Then I saw:  F the President.  Made me laugh so hard in a non-political way.  It was just a funny take on it. 

3. Share one pet peeve that causes you more grief than it should.  I hate hearing people chew gum.  There are roughly 1 billion others...

4. What are your thoughts on re-gifting presents? I’ve done it!  Not often, but I hate adding to our pile o' stuff, and occasionally I get something that I know someone else would enjoy more. 

5. What was your biggest accomplishment this week?  I would say either getting the unexpected AG award at the race this weekend, making progress toward settling a case that I think looks ugly, or some contract stuff at work.  Probably the AG award. 

6. What’s the title of the last movie you watched?  Take Shelter, which we had from Netflix.  It was okay.  Someone had spoiled the ending for me, so maybe I would have liked it better if that hadn't happened.

7. If you could only choose one, would you rather have a full-time cleaning person or a full-time chef?  Hmm, I think I'd actually choose a full-time chef.  We don't have kids so our house isn't really messy, and I assume the chef would clean up after himself/herself, so that would mean the kitchen was pretty clean.  That would leave laundry, bathrooms, and the occasional vacuuming/dusting.  But having someone make my breakfasts, lunches and dinners would be splendid!  Though I love cooking, it's tough during the week.  Interestingly, my husband said he'd rather have the full-time housekeeper.  Guess maybe we should spend more time cleaning than we do! 

8. Do you enjoy shopping for clothes, or do you dread it? I wouldn't say I dread it, but I definitely don't enjoy it.  I tend to hang on to clothes even if they don't fit, so I have a broad range of sizes, and I tend to wear things for a long time before getting rid of them, so I can usually find something to wear rather than buying something new. 

9. What’s your favorite sport to play/watch? My favorite sport is running, to do or to watch.  In terms of the big ones (baseball, football, basketball, hockey), I guess, if I'm watching live, it would be baseball.  But ugh, I can think of a million things I'd rather do than watch other people play sports. 

10. If you could have coffee with anyone today who would you choose?  Can I pick my brother and my sister-in-law?  They got married this summer but delayed their honeymoon until now.  So if I go meet them for coffee today, I'd be in Fiji, which would be quite lovely!  If it's supposed to be someone famous, maybe I'll pick the new French president.  Pourquoi pas?
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  1. Following from FMM! Congrats on the award for your race! Would love to have you visit/follow back at


  2. Here from FMM!

    I love your creativity on the coffee date! I'd love to be in Fiji too! I am with you on gum chewing, why can't people keep it to themselves? Ahh!

  3. Here from FMM. I would like to go to Fiji too! I really need a vacation. I haven't been on vacation in about 2 years now. I think my brain is going to shut down and refuse to work until its seen a beach.

  4. Pick anyone you want, darn it! hmmm. vacation.

  5. I had pretty much the same answer for the cleaning or chef question. No kids, no mess. I'd rather have a chef! :-)

  6. Hi! Just curious.... how did you come to like running? I've always wanted to try running, but always assumed one needed to be athletic to be good at it.

  7. I agree about re-gifting. I don't think it's a problem, as long as it's a gift that I know the person would like. Congrats on that award!

  8. LOL I picked the cleaning person. We have two big dogs who play in the dirt, then come inside and shake it all off. I never feel like the house is clean!

  9. Congrats on your award! Awesome job!