Friday, May 11, 2012

A benefit of frustration

It's Friday, so I'm working from home today.  I had two errands that I needed to run yesterday after work, but I was also signed up to volunteer at a water stop for a race.  Then one of my best running buddies decided he'd volunteer too, and he came to my office so we could carpool, which meant no errands for me last night.

Today, I decided that if I started working right after boot camp, and if I was getting a lot done, maybe later in the morning, I'd run my errands.

Wait, let me state that differently. 

I'd RUN my errands.

I have two places to go -- the library to return one and pick up one for book club (worried it will be lame so do not want to buy it), and I need to go to the running store to get my packet for a half marathon this weekend.

Library is about 4-5 miles from here, and running store is basically on the way back (about 1.5 miles from the house).  I thought an 8-10 mile mid-day run might be a fun break in my day.

I went to boot camp this morning, but for some reason I am gaining weight like a champ right now, so I thought a double workout might be in order. 

Hubby is working today and can't talk on the phone, so I texted him about the library book to return.  I knew he was done with it, but didn't know if it was so good that he thought I should read it or not. 

I texted him the question at 11:06.  And 11:11, and then 3-4 times at 11:13 (yes, I was irritated).  After a couple non-responsive replies (one about it being 11:11, his favorite time of day, and one incomprehensible "yes" (yes, return it, or yes I should read it???)), he finally clearly communicated that I should return it.

So I put a little water bottle in my back bag, grabbed the book, put my phone in a case, got my library card and a credit card, got the house key, put on my shoes.  Ready to go, but no watch.  So back up two flights of stairs to get watch and heart rate monitor. 

Finally, ready to go "run" my errands. 

Set the alarm, put on my back bag, turn on my watch (11:24) open the front door, and...


Just started, in a steady sheet.  Ugh.  Don't want to get the books wet, don't want to slip, don't want to come home and have to shower and change instead of getting right back to work.  So I'll delay the errands a few hours.  I'm more than happy to run a normal route in rain like this, but not with a bag, a book, and knowing I don't have tons of time to get cleaned up afterward. 

And then I thought, good thing hubby got under my skin and was so slow in responding, otherwise, I might have been a mile or two away from home!

That is my best example of looking on the bright side!  Haha! 

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