Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unsteady 6

So I ran 2.65 at camp this morning, and at least 2 was quite unsteady.  I ran with my husband and he is not a steady person when he's tired.  It's like we're moving really slowly and then he's sprinting.  It was tough for me.  When we ran the second mile he was more worn out so I ran ahead and did a courtesy loop for him, which worked well, then I ran toward home with Joy and my first two miles were exactly even, and my third was 5 seconds faster, so still quite close.  The last quarter was too fast, but I'd met my neighbor during that quarter so I hurried up to finish it out so I could u-turn and then walk with her.  I ended up walking just over a mile with her. 

Blisters are still bad, plantar's is not as bad as it has been but not even close to gone.  Need to start working on my mental game and imagining really pushing hard at MTCM, rather than running to run.  I almost think I did too many marathons where I was just aiming for a PR instead of a really challenging goal.  Oh well, it's a whole new ball game now! 

I'm kind of ready for it to be done.  Adam is also getting burnt out.  He was joking the other day about maybe just starting to taper and having a really long taper.  I think he's planning to hit 20 for the first of two times this weekend.  I told him to stick it out, really just 4 more long runs.  It's just all these weekday miles that are bogging me down.  And the long runs.  I'm just ready for a weekend and a few weekday mornings OFF.  Maybe if the blisters don't get better, I'll end up with days off not competely by choice. 

In non-running related news, I've decided to follow a fave blog's September (or should I say Sittember) challenge.  NewlyWed, NewlyVeg is going to try to eat zero dinners on the couch for the month, and I think I'm going to try as well, except possibly on Monday nights (which is my night for trash tv). 

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